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(Believed to be) EZEKIEL WALKER

Father, son or grandson

But which one and what uniform or regalia is he wearing?

1.     Born 11 Feb 1795 at Rottington, St. Bees, Cumberland
        Bapt 12 Feb 1795 St. Bees
        Married 07 June 1815 at Annan, Dumfriesshire to Ann Merrie
        4 children, one baptised Maryport 1816, one Whitehaven 1820, two Marown, IOM 1827 & 1830

        Owner and Master of galiot "Mary" at Maryport in 1840
        Agricultural Labourer at Maryport 1851+

        Died 29 March 1856 Maryport

2.     Bapt 25 Nov 1827 Marown, IOM
        Married Agnes Ranken
        6 children, all baptised in Maryport

        Master Mariner.   Apprenticed to Joseph Ismay for four and a half years from 3 April 1844 on "Ocean"
        Had already been at sea for a year

        Died 1885 in Maryport

3.     Born 1872 Maryport
        Married 10 April 1895 at Maryport Primitive Methodist Chapel to Mary Ann Jones
        4 children, all presumed born at Maryport

        Merchant Seaman.   Served on HMS "Colossus" at the Battle of Jutland

        Died 1921 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne after a building accident

Can anyone identify which Ezekiel Walker it might have been (we think probably No. 2)
and tell us which uniform or regalia he was wearing?

We would prefer informed knowledge rather than guesswork please

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