St. Mary and St. Michael's Church, Egremont


Catgill Hall has served as the residence of several Mossop families
William Mossop who married Mary Mossop c. 1793 farmed the property for T.R.G. Bradyll Esq. for about 30 years


A view of Catgill Hall in the 1820s.   Note that in the modern photograph the central windows have been filled in.


Pickett How was not, so far as I know, a Mossop farm but was connected by the marriage in 1826
of William Mossop of Church House farm, Ponsonby to Frances Bragg whose family lived here.
William and Frances were the parents of Hannah Mossop who married Thomas Hill of Clea Hall in 1849

A closer look at Pickett How.
Grant noted that the farmers there in 1998 were Mossops