Gibb Hill, Ponsonby was the family farm of the Robinsons
Mary Robinson married William Hill of Clea Hall, Westward near Wigton in 1870
Robert Robinson married Hannah Mossop of Scar Brow and Thistleton in November 1881.
Joseph Robinson of Gibb Hill married Mary Mossop of Greenmoor Side in December 1881.



Town End Farm, Ponsonby, stood next to Gibb Hill.   It was the home of Thomas and Mary Atkinson, grandparents of Mary Mossop of Greenmoor Side on her mother's side




A digression north to Clea Hall, home of  Thomas Hill and his wife Hannah Mossop.   Hannah was a first cousin of the fathers of both Hannah Mossop of Thistleton and Mary Mossop of Greenmoor Side who married the Robinson brothers of Gibb Hill, Ponsonby.   Her own son, William Hill, married Mary Robinson their sister.

John Robinson has added this interesting information on Clea Hall -

"I found Clea Hall to be impressive.  When Jan and I visited in 1981 Mary's grandson Tom Hill and his wife were still alive and were very welcoming.  One of the things I found interesting was the farm buildings/barn attached to the house.   It had heavy steel gates and the windows were mere slits and all carefully barred.   The keystone above the gateway arch was inscribed with the date 1642.  Presumably the purpose of the fortress like building was to keep the borderers from getting in and stealing cattle.

In D&S Lyson's 1816 history of Cumberland, Clea Hall is recorded as 'The seat of Sir Henry Fletcher Bart., formerly belonging to a younger branch of the Musgraves of Crookdale, whose heiress married Fletcher of Dearham'.  

At the time of the 1871 census Mary and William Hill and baby son were living at Gibb Hill (Ponsonby) with Mary's parents and Hannah and Thomas (Hill) were still living up on the fell I think at Lowcray.   In 1881 Thomas and William were listed in the census as farming Clea Hall jointly."