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A group of us has joined together to try and sort out the relationships which have occurred since William Mossop lived in Prior Scale Farm, Calder Valley, died January 1684/85.

Below is our latest "write up" but other relationships have become apparent since so it is very much ongoing. Anything you can add will be welcome.

With any other information or queries please contact

Jill Coulthard

Marshall Mossop

The initial research came to me through George Kendall Gillberry who had collected papers passed down through Ruth Geldart (a founder member of Cumbria F.H.S.), Arthur Brewin (grandson of Clement and Martha Mossop (neé Coulthard ) of Rottington, Dr. A.G. Mossop who was descended from the Seascale/Lincolnshire branch.

This input would not have been possible without the contributions of Marshall & Jean Mossop, George Kendall Gillberry, the late Grant Dixon, Maggie Blyth and all the other persons who have added their own family line.

Scope of Research

The above covers the known lines of those researching so far and linking back to William of Prior Scale. There are more descendants whose details are not given in full. There are still others whose lines do not tie in to date but may become evident when other evidence is brought in.

To date I have recorded over 4.5 thousand descendants of William. Many more are known to individual members of our group.

Although very much information has been supplied by Marshall Mossop and George K. Gillberry, I have not yet had access to all the parish registers for all dates, all wills, nor examined all the census returns. Therefore it is probable that much more is yet to be found regarding these families.

I have researched our main line back through Moses of Rottington Hall and on to known descendants. For the rest I have relied on several good people who have provided registration certificates, parish register information, census returns, churchyard inscriptions, wills and family knowledge. Any further information is gratefully accepted towards the combined pool of Mossop knowledge.

This summary is just an outline from information obtained from various sources and is open to correction and discussion.


SUBJECT                                                                                DATES                      RELATIONSHIP


BACKGROUND & EARLY YEARS                          1559-1638

WILLIAM                                                                               1638-1685

JOHN & BRIDGET (WILSON)                                                                          1642-1707                     1ST SON OF WILLIAM
CLEMENT & BRIDGET (STEEL)                                                                       1677-1748                     1ST SON OF JOHN & BRIDGET
CHARLES & ANNE (WILLIAMSON)                                                               1726-1810                     4TH SON OF CLEMENT & BRIDGET
CLEMENT & JANE (MOSSOP)                                                                         1755-1815                     1ST SON OF CHARLES & ANNE
                                                                                                                                                                            4TH DAUGHTER OF CLEMENT & JANE SHARP

JOHN & MARY (IRWIN)                                                                                     1785-1841                     1ST SON OF CLEMENT & JANE MOSSOP
CHARLES & AGNES (SHARP)                                                                          1793-1867                     GRANDSON OF CHARLES & ANNE
CHARLES & JANE (GUNSON)                                                                          1832-1884                     3RD SON OF CHARLES & AGNES
JOHN SHARPE & LIZZIE (JOPSON)                                                              1858-1934                     1ST SON OF CHARLES & JANE


WILLIAM & MARY (MOSSOP)                                                                        1771-1841                     7TH SON OF CHARLES & ANNE &  2ND DAUGHTER OF JOHN & ABIGAIL

CLEMENT & ABIGAIL                                                                                       1650-1737                      2ND SON OF WILLIAM
JOHN & FRANCES (BENN)                                                                              1686-1784                      2ND SON OF CLEMENT & ABIGAIL
CLEMENT & ELIZABETH (JACKSON)                                                         1716-1790                      2ND SON OF JOHN & FRANCES

JOSEPH & ANN (WALKER)                                                                             1763-1837                     5TH SON OF CLEMENT & ELIZ.
HENRY WALKER & ESTHER HUTCHINSON                                              1838-1909                     GRANDSON OF JOSEPH & ANN


MOSES AND JANE (DIXON)                                                                             1755-                            2ND/3RD TWIN SON OF CLEMENT & ELIZABETH


CLEMENT & ANN (MOSSOP)                                                                          1758-1834                     4TH SON OF CLEMENT & ELIZABETH &
(MOORSIDE, GOSFORTH)                                                                                                                        DAUGHTER OF THOMAS OF GOSFORTH


HENRY &    MARY WOODCOCK                                                                    1719-1797                     3RD SON OF JOHN & FRANCES
                      ELEANOR COOK
                      JANE ATKINSON (NEE WALKER)
MOSES & HANNAH (STEEL)                                                                           1754-1809                     1ST SON OF HENRY & ELEANOR
HENRY & MARY                                                                                                  1781-1857                     ONLY SON OF MOSES & HANNAH
HENRY & JANE (HAIG)                                                                                      1812-1889                     1ST SON OF HENRY & MARY

MOSES    &    ELIZABETH (ASHBURNER)                                                  1696-1785                     4TH SON OF CLEMENT & ABIGAIL
                  & HANNAH (KITCHEN)
                  & RUTH (COOK NEE KITCHEN)
CLEMENT & ELEANOR (WALKER)                                                             1730-1814                     2ND SON OF MOSES & ELIZABETH
MOSES & MARY (FOX)                                                                                   1772-1866                     2ND SON OF CLEMENT/ ELEANOR
HENRY & MARY (DICKINSON)                                                                     1805-1889                     4TH SON OF MOSES & MARY
SUBSEQUENT YEARS                                                                                                -1956

DAUGHTERS OF WILLIAM & RUTH COOK                                              1732-

CLEMENT AND JANE (SHARP)                               1709-1789                     4TH SON OF CLEMENT/ ABIGAIL
WILLIAM & MARY (PONSONBY)                                                               1737-1817                     2ND SON OF CLEMENT & JANE
SHARPE & SARAH (STAVELY)                                                                    1807-1882                     GRANDSON OF WILLIAM & MARY
MOSES AND MARY (COPELAND)                                                               1744-1816                      3RD SON OF CLEMENT & JANE
MOSES AND SARAH (LITTLE)                                                                     1807-1857                     2ND SON OF MOSES & MARY

ISAAC AND FRANCES (SOUTHWARD)                                                    1749-1809                         4TH SON OF CLEMENT & JANE
JOHN AND ANN (WILSON)                                                                          1781-1841                         2ND SON OF ISAAC & FRANCES
ISAAC AND JANE (BATEMAN)                                                                    1814-1887                         1ST SON OF JOHN & ANN
THOMAS AND MARY (ATKINSON)                                                           1826-1910                          4TH SON OF JOHN & ANN
CLEMENT AND ANN (POOLE)                                                                     1828-1871                          5TH SON OF JOHN & ANN
THOMAS AND JANE (IRWIN)                                                                      1792-1850                          5TH SON OF ISAAC & FRANCES
WILLIAM & ELIZABETH (AGNEW)                                                            1825-1884                           3RD SON OF THOMAS & JANE


JOSEPH & SUSAN (KITCHEN)                                                                      1758-1836                          7TH SON OF CLEMENT & JANE
ISAAC & SARAH (NICHOLSON)                                                                  1795-                                  5TH SON OF JOSEPH & SUSAN
CAPT. CLEMENT & ELIZABETH (DELANEY)                                            1818-1872                         1ST? SON OF ISAAC & SARAH

HENRY AND BARBARA (JACKSON)                                                          1652-1719                         3RD SON OF WILLIAM
CLEMENT    & ELIZABETH (GRAYSON?)                                                  1688-1732                         2ND? SON OF HENRY & BARBARA
                        & ANN
                        & ANNE (CURWEN)
HENRY AND MARY (MARSTON)                                                                  1711-1783                         ONLY SON OF CLEMENT & ELIZABETH
ISAAC & ELEANOR (COOK)                                                                          1742-1807                          2ND SON OF HENRY & MARY
JOHN    & JANE                                                                                                  1782-1821                        2ND SON OF ISAAC & ELEANOR
               & MARY (BENSON)
HENRY & ELEANOR (GLAISTER)                                                                 1806-                                 ONLY SON OF JOHN & JANE
CLEMENT & MARY (WATSON)                                                                     1792-1864                        5TH SON OF ISAAC & ELEANOR
JOHN AND ABIGAIL (MOSSOP)                                                                   1745-1808                        3RD SON OF HENRY & MARY &
(LAMPLUGH, BRAYSHAW, BECKCOTE)                                                                                               1ST DAUGHTER OF CLEMENT & JANE
ISAAC & JANE (NORMAN)                                                                             1725-1813                         1ST SON OF CLEMENT & ANNE
CLEMENT & ANNE (COOK)                                                                            1750-1822                         1ST SON OF ISAAC & JANE

JOSEPH & ELEANOR (ROBINSON)                                                             1804-1882                         GRANDSON OF CLEMENT & ANNE



Background and Early Years

The first mention of these families appears to be in Gosforth area of West Cumberland. There is a story, probably fanciful, that the first of this name was a foundling, discovered by a monk on a bank of moss outside an abbey and given the surname "Moss Crop". It certainly seems to be true that the early origins of the name of those who eventually changed to Mossop are confined to this area. Those originally Moscrop in other areas appear to have retained the original spelling.

In the earlier years the surname was given as Moscrop/Moscrope/Mosscroppe and similar variants but around the 1730s this branch began to change to Mossop although by then they were fairly dispersed over West Cumberland. After this date, I have used the spelling Mossop although, inevitably, around the transition period some individuals were baptised under one spelling and married and buried under others.

From information collected by Dr. A. G. Mossop in the early part of this century, Chancery Records between 1559 and 1565 state that Richard Moscrop of Gosforth conveyed lands in his own lifetime to his son Thomas. I do not have the precise date but Thomas had apparently died by 1565. (Dr. Mossop was a descendant of a Seascale family one of whom, Rev. John had moved to Lincolnshire and founded a dynasty there.)

Thomas had at least one son and probably at least two. The definite one is Richard, born before 1558 who married Elizabeth Mayson at Gosforth on 29 August 1573. Richard and Elizabeth had a son, William, baptised 27 September 1573 and a daughter, Margaret, baptised 13 February 1574/5, both at Gosforth. It appears that this son, William, lived in maturity at a place/farm called "Rackes" in Gosforth and is henceforth known as "William of Rackes".

The next probable son of Thomas was another Thomas who was born before 1550 and married Johanna (Jane) Gibson at Gosforth on 6 September 1572. It appears that Thomas and Jane, too, had two children named William and Margaret. I have no baptismal dates for William at present but Margaret was baptised on 12 June 1575, again at Gosforth. This son, William, is almost certainly the one known in future as "William of Bankhouse, Gosforth".

(Dr. Mossop’s commissioned chart dating from the 1930s is very detailed but the parentage of the above children is reversed. From my own research I believe the above to be the more likely scenario for reasons below. There are other mistakes in this chart which was very well compiled but before the benefits of IGI and other records being available)

I believe that the children of Richard and Thomas probably married each other, i.e. each male cousin married the other’s sister. So there were two sets of cousins married, both William and Margaret, one of Rackes and one of Bankhouse, Gosforth.

17 October 1596 at Gosforth: William Moscrop married Margaret Moscrop. I believe this was William (of Rackes), son of Richard and Margaret daughter of Thomas.

In December 1619, William of Rackes died and his administrator was his widow Margaret. In December 1622, Margaret, widow of Ponsonby died (presumed widow of William of Rackes). Her administrator was her brother, William. It therefore appears that William of Rackes and his wife Margaret had no children, which the above mentioned chart showed them as having and this is why I think the parentage should be reversed.

In contrast, William of Bankhouse did have children: I can find no marriage for him and Margaret. I have assumed his wife’s name was Margaret for reasons, see below. Even so, it is circumstantial that her maiden surname was Moscrop and that she was William’s cousin.

His known children were as follows and all events were at Gosforth

THOMAS     Baptised 2 July 1598 buried 16 April 1668    Married Dorothy 6 children of which 2 died young.    Lived at Bankhouse, Gosforth
CLEMENT  Baptised 25 May 1601 27 March 1665        Married Mary 8 children of which 1 died young          Lived at Boonwood, Gosforth
BRIDGET     Baptised 10 March 1603

I also believe he had two other sons for this reason. The name Clement is very strong in our branch and carries on even to the present day. Almost every generation had a Clement and it was also adopted by some families the Moscrop/Mossop married into. I have not found it in any other branch I know about although there are several families whose origins I cannot trace at present. If this is so, the other two sons are:-

WILLIAM moved to High Prior Scale farm in the Calder Valley, parish of Beckermet St. Bridget just north of Gosforth.    William died in January 1684/5 at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. Bridget.

BARNARD Married Ann and had three daughters.    Buried 24 December 1691 at Haile.    Lived at Ennerdale and later at Dixonhill, Haile

In 1665 Clement Moscrop of Boonwood died. The witnesses to his will were Thomas Moscrop and William Moscrop. The bondsmen were Clement’s widow, Mary, Thomas Moscrop of Gosforth and William Moscropp of St. Bridget’s. Clement had only one surviving son, John, so it is more than likely that Thomas and William were two of his brothers. Instead of using two people living in Gosforth itself, William obviously had to attend from the parish of St. Bridgets. I think this makes it almost certain that William and Barnard were also children of William of Bankhouse but I have no proof. I have looked in every imaginable place for a will of William of Bankhouse without success.

In 1668 Thomas of Bankhouse died. His executors were his widow and two of his daughters.

I do not know what became of their sister, Bridget.

Definite Family Information

The above is piecing together information which is not proven but the first time we definitely identify our family is in 1638 when Margaret Moscrop, widow, died at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. Bridget. Her administrators were her two sons, William and Barnerd. I think it is more than likely that in her widowhood she had gone to live with William. However, the plain fact of the proven matter is that a widow, Margaret, died at HPS and had two sons, William and Barnard. We are descended from William.



We do not know the name of William’s wife but it appears she predeceased him as she is not mentioned in his will. William died in 1684/5 at High Prior Scale. He had the following children all in his will but daughters unnamed except by married surnames:-

JOHN      Born/bap 24 April 1642 buried 30 May 1707.   Married 26 July 1677 at Haile to Bridget Wilson - 4 sons and 1 daughter
                   Lived at Low Prior Scale which stayed in the line of this branch until this century

(There are two farms at Prior Scales, Low by the River Calder and High up on the hill nearby)

DAUGHTER married Henry Benn, a local farmer. Their granddaughter was Frances Benn (1690-1770) - see below.

DAUGHTER married William Moscrop, also probably a relation and local farmer

DAUGHTER married John Jackson from a local farming family

CLEMENT Born about 1650 (guess as John’s is the only baptism recorded and other details come from William’s will)

Clement married Abigail (I do not have the marriage in Cumbria. There is a marriage which would fit of a Clement and Abigail Williams in Ireland on 4 July 1682 [date of bond]. That Clement is described as a mason of Moncktown, Dublin and Abigail as of the parish of Bray. Abigail is not a common name so I am inclined to think it might be the correct marriage and not just a coincidence. However, it would mean that Clement was working as a mason in Ireland at the time. There was considerable cross sea traffic between Whitehaven, Isle of Man and Ireland so it is not impossible that Clement sought a change of scene in his early years. Williams is also a Welsh name rather than an Irish one so it appears Abigail’s family were not natives of Ireland. I have provisionally put this on my tree but have not seen the original entry.)

Clement lived at High Prior Scale and this farm stayed in the family into this century. Clement and Abigail both died in 1737, he slightly before her.

HENRY Born about 1652 (guess) Married 2 March 1685 at Haile to Barbara Jackson - about 8 children. It is possible that Barbara was the sister of John.   Haile is the adjoining parish to Beckermet. Later members of the families intermarried with the Jacksons too.  Henry lived at Beck Cote, another farm in the Calder Valley and it stayed with his descendants for some time.



John was baptised in 1642, the eldest son of William of Prior Scale. From this time onward, Prior Scale is mentioned as two farms, Low by the River Calder and High further up on the hill. John took over Low Prior Scale and his brother Clement High Prior Scale. John married Bridget Wilson in 1677. John died in May 1707 aged 65 and was buried on 30th May at St. Bridget Beckermet. He predeceased Bridget who is mentioned in his will. In his will he names his children:-

CLEMENT Born 1677 at Low Prior Scale. He was married on 25th November 1704 at St. Bees to Bridget Steel. Although John’s will stated that his four sons were to share equally some money due to John and Henry was named, with his mother Bridget, as residual legatee, it was Clement who continued at Low Prior Scale.

GRACE Born 1678 at LPS and married on 28th January 1696 at St. Bees or Whitehaven St. Nicholas (whose registers were kept by St. Bees) to John Bragg. They had at least one daughter, Elizabeth, married on 5th July 1720 at St. Bees to Henry Mossop, from what branch not at present known.

HENRY Born c. 1680 at LPS. He may be the Henry buried at St. Bridget Beckermet in 1736.

CHRISTEY GAITSKELL Born 1685 at LPS. Nothing further known. No marriage or burial records.

ANTHONY GRAISON Born 1686 at LPS. Nothing further known. No marriage or burial records.


Clement was the eldest son of John & Bridget born 1677 at Low Prior Scale which he continued to farm after his father. He died on 11th January 1748 and was buried on 13th at St. Bridget Beckermet. Bridget lived until 1766 when she was living in Whitehaven. Their children were:-

SARAH Born 1705. Died 1725

MARY Born 1707. Married firstly JOHN HINKSTER in 1734 at Newcastle-on-Tyne and secondly JOSEPH BARRON in 1743 at Gateshead.   She was the mother of both John Hinkster and Mary Barren mentioned in her brother John Mossop’s will of 1791.

JOHN Born 1709. Died 1791 aged 82. John apparently took over Low Prior Scale. He made his will in 1789 and left everything to his nephews and nieces. It appears that John was unmarried but there was a marriage of a John Mossop of Prior Scale to a widow, Isabel Powe, at Ponsonby on 31 March 1744. This is the only John available but Isabel was buried as a widow two years before John and John himself is buried with his parents. 

SHADRACH Born 1712. Died 1788. Married twice. First to Hannah Thornthwaite which resulted in children, Mary 1741, Shadrach jnr 1742, Eliza. 1743 and William 1743/4. Only Shadrach mentioned in uncle John’s will. He married Jane and was a watchmaker. Second marriage to Rose, resulted in Nancy 1747, Elizabeth 1748, Bridget 1749 who married Joseph Stewart. These three are all mentioned in the will.

ISABEL Born c. 1714? Baptism not found. There is an Isabel daughter of Clement buried in 1717 at St. Bridget. However, Clement’s first cousin, also Clement of Beckcote was having children at this time and the register is not specific as to which child belongs to which family.    

ISABEL Born c. 1718? Baptism not found. Alive when father made his will in 1748.

BRIDGET Born 1720. Died 1726. Again could be child of Clement of Beckcote.   However, it appears that this family did have a Bridget and from another website that she was the daughter who married, on 2 May 1743 at Lancaster, ABRAHAM KIRKBRIDE whom Clement names as a son-in-law.   His son John (died 1791) mentions his niece Isabel married to Henry Thompson of Whitehaven, grocer. Isabel was the daughter of Abraham Kirkbride but unfortunately no mother is given in the baptism register.     For some reason their four children aged between 12 and 3 were all baptised together on 13 July 1758 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas with only their father's name given.

JOSEPH Born c. 1722. Married Elizabeth Robertson in 1765. They had at least one son, John, mentioned in his uncle’s will. Joseph received an annuity from this will.

CHARLES Born 1726? Baptised 1st January 1726/7 at St. Bridget Beckermet. Married Anne Williamson in 1753. Several children detailed below. Charles inherited Low Prior Scale from his brother John.


Charles inherited Low Prior Scale in 1791 from his brother John who was seventeen years older than him but Charles himself was 65 years old at that time and had been married for 38 years. He farmed Boonwood at Gosforth during this time and had the following children born there and baptised at Gosforth. Boonwood had been held by Clement son of William of Bankhouse in the earlier days. The fact that Charles farmed it might strengthen the likelihood of a family connection or might be a complete coincidence in that the farm was available for lease when Charles required one. Anne died in 1798 and Charles in 1810. They were buried at Gosforth with their predeceased children. All the children were born at Boonwood and baptised at Gosforth.

CLEMENT Born 1755. Married Jane Mossop, daughter of Clement Mossop and Jane Sharp and a granddaughter of Clement and Abigail of High Prior Scale on 29 January 1778 at St. Bridget. They had several children, some of whom died young. Clement was left the freehold of Low Prior Scale by his father which he left in turn to his eldest son, John, when he died in 1815. It is probable that Clement and Jane took in his niece Ann and nephew, Charles, children of his late brother John. See below. Certainly Charles gave Prior Scale as his abode at marriage and later owned Low Prior Scale.

NICHOLAS Born 1758. Died 1786

SARAH Born 1760. Died 1779

ISAAC Born 1762. He may not be a son of this family as another Isaac born below but no burial record for this Isaac and not on family gravestone at Gosforth.

JOHN Born 1763. He married Sarah Walker 23 February 1789 at Ponsonby and they lived at Mealbank, Gosforth. Sarah’s sister, Ann, married Joseph Mossop of High Prior Scale in 1791. John and Sarah had two children, Ann baptised 8 December 1789 at St. Bridget and apparently born the previous day at Prior Ling in the Calder Valley and Charles baptised 1 February 1793 at Gosforth. John died the following year aged 31 and it is probable that Sarah and the two children went to live either with Clement and Jane at Low Prior Scale or with Joseph and Ann at High Prior Scale. Joseph and John were third cousins and their wives sisters. Sarah remarried to William Hartley on 24 November 1796 and they had four further children including a daughter, Sarah, who married Richard Threlfell.

BRIDGET Born 1765. Married name Kirkbride according to her father’s will though almost certainly it was Rothery. The only Bridget recorded around this time married William Rothery 17 May 1790 at St. Bridget’s. They had a long line of children including Charles and Ann which also suggests it was this Bridget. The youngest was born 22 Dec 1808 and her presumed father Charles died 24 May 1810. Charles had made his will some nineteenth months earlier on 22 October 1808 before the last baby, named after him, was born. A Bridget Rothery was buried at St. Bees in January 1815 aged 48 which is almost the same age as this Bridget would have been.  From all the evidence it appears that through some slip of mind the married name of  Charles sister Bridget (see above) was written rather than his daughter's. Ann Rothery, daughter of William and Bridget, born c. 1795, married a fourth cousin, William Mossop of the High Prior Scale line, 19 July 1817 at Whitehaven St. James. This marriage gives two lines of descent from our original William for Brenda Pearce.

CHARLES Born 1768. Married Betty Mossop, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth of Windsor, Nether Wasdale from a Gosforth family in 1798.  They farmed at Montreal, St. Bees parish.   Betty died in 1801 less than six months after giving birth to their daughter Elizabeth.   CHARLES remarried to Ann Benn in 1803 having three further children.  He became a Grocer in Egremont, dying there in July 1812 at the age of 44 and being buried with Betty at Nether Wasdale.   Ann carried on as a Provision Merchant in Whitehaven surviving until the age of about 89.

EDWARD Born 1769. Died 1770.

JOSEPH Born and died 1770.

WILLIAM Born 1771. Married MARY MOSSOP daughter of John and Abigail, both descended from William of Prior Scale. Lived at Prior Ling, Calder Valley and died at Catgill. See below.

ISAAC Born 1775. Married Sarah Mossop, daughter of Henry Mossop and Jane Atkinson (nee Walker). (Henry another grandson of Clement and Abigail) Isaac was a farm labourer in Egremont and later a farmer at Southam in the parish. Most of their children died young but one, John, appears to have become an auctioneer in Egremont.   Isaac died at Southam in 1854 with Sarah living until 1857.


Clement was the eldest son of Charles and Ann of Boonwood and Low Prior Scale. He was baptised 23 November 1755 at Gosforth and inherited Low Prior Scale from his father in 1810. He married Jane Mossop, daughter of Clement Mossop and Jane nee Sharp of Ennerdale, Tortlecote and Prior Ling, on 29 January 1778 at St. Bridget. They were second cousins once removed. Clement died only five years after his father on 12 June 1815 (six days before the Battle of Waterloo) and was buried at St. Bridget. Jane lived on until 12 September 1843 when she died at Thornholme. Clement and Jane had ten children of whom at least four died young.

Of their sons,

JOHN Baptised 3 April 1785 at Gosforth where his parents had taken over Boonwood until his father inherited Low Prior Scale in 1810. Married Mary Irwin 24 May 1806 at Gosforth. Mary was almost certainly the sister of Jane Irwin who married Thomas Mossop of Low Ling Bank and Moss Side (Church House family). They had about nine children of whom the first five or six were born at Boonwood.  There is some query about a boy named John who died at Boonwood aged 2 days in early March 1814 as he does not appear on the MI at St. Bridget's with his presumed parents and two sisters.   A daughter Bridget born that year was baptised and died at St. Bridget Beckemet in June after they had moved to Farmery in that parish. Their sixth or seventh child William was born at Low Prior Scales in 1821 after John had inherited that farm.   A further two probable children are John born Arlecdon 1824 and Charles in 1827 at the same place.

CLEMENT Baptised 3 February 1794 at Gosforth. Married Mary Ann Banks whose family kept Langhorn Farm, Egremont on 10 August 1817 at Egremont. It is very probable that Mary Ann was an aunt of Ann and Isaac Banks who later married into the Mossop family of Rottington Hall. Ann’s late father-in-law, Moses, and Clement were second cousins.

Clement and Mary Ann’s eldest daughter, Esther, was born at Langhorn and baptised 8 July 1818 at Egremont. She died unmarried as a young woman. There then appears to be a gap until Jane was born in 1824 at Low Prior Scale. They then had three sons born there and baptised at St. Bridget, Clement 1826, John 1832 and Joseph 1834. I have no record of what happened to any of these children. Clement apparently lived and farmed with his brother John at Low Prior Scale.  Mary Ann died in September 1834.   In 1839 Clement married again to Mary Steward who had two daughters of her own and in 1841 was a Publican in Ravenglass.  By 1851 he and Mary with their daughter Mary Ann born 1841 in Ravenglass were living in Whitehaven where Clement died in 1859. There is an ambiguous suggestion in his obituary that Clement might have at one time farmed Thornholme, further up the Calder Valley, where his mother died in 1843.



John was the eldest son of Clement and Jane Mossop of Low Prior Scale, baptised 3 April 1785 at Gosforth. He married Mary Irwin 24 May 1806 at Gosforth and inherited Low Prior Scale from his father in 1815. John died very suddenly on 9 November 1841 at Egremont whilst he had then been living at Hensingham, Whitehaven. Presumably by this time Low Prior Scale was tenanted or managed for him. Mary died on 27 September 1852 and was buried at St. Bridget with her husband and infant daughter Bridget.  Their daughter Ann who was buried at Gosforth is also included on their memorial. No will is apparent either for John or his brother Clement and therefore I do not know how the freehold of Low Prior Scale was passed down. John and Mary's surviving children were as follows:-

CLEMENT Baptised 8 March 1807 at Gosforth whilst his parents were living at Boonwood. He married Martha Sumpton on 9 May 1830 at Arlecdon and made his home there, farming Scalescough. They had three daughters, Mary, Jane and Anne but apparently no sons. Martha died in 1864 and Clement in 1881, both being buried at Arlecdon. It is apparent that Clement did not take over Low Prior Scale when his father died in 1841.

JANE  Born 3 March 1809 at Boonwood and baptised at Gosforth on 5 March.  Married Samuel Bowman 15 November 1829 at Arlecdon.

SARAH  Born 18 January 1811 at Boonwood and baptised at Gosforth on 27 January.  Married William Irving 14 December 1835 at St. Bees.   William and Sarah are ancestors of Val Taylor.

WILLIAM Baptised 4 July 1821 at St. Bridget after his father had inherited Low Prior Scale. It appears he married three times but without children. William became the postmaster at St. Bridget Beckermet (Calder Bridge).

JOHN  Baptised 18 December 1824 at Arlecdon.   Appears to be the John who married Mary Casson 22 May 1847 at Arlecdon.

CHARLES  Baptised 28 November 1827 Arlecdon.  Married Mary Pattinson early 1862 in Cockermouth Registration District.



Charles was the only son of John Mossop and Sarah Walker, baptised 1 February 1793 at Gosforth.

He had an elder sister, Ann. After their father died in 1794, their mother Sarah married William Hartley on 24 November 1796 at Gosforth. William and Sarah had at least four other children.

Charles was a nephew of Clement Mossop of Low Prior Scales on his father’s side and of Joseph Mossop of High Prior Scales on his mother’s side. Charles eventually owned Low Prior Scale though I do not know if he inherited it from his cousins, who farmed it after their father, or bought it from them as no relevant wills have been found. Charles also owned Allans and two cattle grazings on Ponsonby Fells. However, he preferred the leased farm of Thornholme where he spent his life.

He married Agnes Sharp on 4 January 1816 at Muncaster. Charles died at Thornholme on 26 April 1867 and Agnes on 14 April 1874 at Prior Scale. Their family was as follows:

CLEMENT Born 1817 at Thornholme. Married Ann Smith 28 June 1845 at Haile by Rev. John Fox, the incumbent and native of St. Bees. Although Ann’s father, John Smith, was a yeoman living in Haile at the time and it is a common surname, I think there may be a family connection with the Smith family of St. Bees. Rev. John Fox’s brother Clement was vicar of Corney and married to Frances Smith, daughter of Rev. John Smith, vicar of Millom and perpetual curate of Ponsonby, Sella Park and St. Bridget. Frances’ niece of the same name married as second wife the son of Rev. John Fox. Revs John and Clement Fox’s mother was Hannah Mossop of the Rottington branch. I also think there are other family connections going further back. Rev. John Smith was buried at St. Bees. Rev. John Fox was an ancestor of Carmel Reynen and Dianne Fox and his sister Catherine of John Coulthard.

Clement and Ann had one child, Eleanor, baptised 1 March 1846 at Haile. Eleanor married Edward Braithwaite BA Cantab on 16 April 1868 at St. Bridget. They had two very distinguished sons in the medical profession.

Clement and Ann lived at Braystones, St. Bees parish, where he died on 27 July 1848 aged 31. He was buried at St. Bridget where he has a memorial with his parents. His executors were his father and Isaac Hutchinson of Braystones. He made good provision for Eleanor but left nothing directly to his wife. It seems that alternative provision must have been made for her by other family members.

Did Ann, his widow, marry a widower, John Quayle, on 7 November 1850 at Haile, her father again being given as John Smith, yeoman? Or was she Ann Mossop aged 37 of Braystones buried July 1855 at St. Bees? Both seem very likely and maybe it was the same Ann buried by her family under her first married surname?

JOHN SHARP Born at Thornholme and baptised 9 April 1820 at St. Bridget. John did not marry. He was left Low Prior Scale and Allans on Ponsonby Fell by his father and three houses at Moss Side near Calder Bridge by his sister Hannah. He died in March 1909 and left his property to his nephew, also John Sharp Mossop

HANNAH Born at Thornholme and baptised 28 April 1822 at St. Bridget. She inherited Moss Side from her father. In 1881 she and her brother John were living together in St. Bridget, both unmarried. She died on 6 December 1898.

JANE Born at Thornholme and baptised 31 October 1824 at St. Bridget. She died in 1853 at the age of 28.

CHILD A baby whose name was not given was baptised at St. Bridget 15 March 1829.

CHARLES Born at Thornholme and baptised 8 March 1832 at St. Bridget. Married Jane Gunson of Yottenfews on 16 February 1858 at St. Bridget. They lived as his father’s tenant at Low Prior Scale until his father died in 1867 and then moved to Thornholme. His father’s will asked that Charles’ brother, John Sharp, who inherited Low Prior Scale, should buy Charles’ stock from him so that it remained on the farm. He then left Charles an equal value of his own stock when he took over the lease of Thornholme.

AGNES Born Thornholme and baptised 11 October 1835 at St. Bridget. Died infant.


Charles was the youngest son of Charles Mossop and Agnes, born 1832 at Thornholme. He married Jane Gunson in 1858 and lived first as his father’s tenant at Low Prior Scale then took over the lease of Thornholme. Charles died on 10 May 1884 at Thornholme aged 52. Jane lived to 5 May 1905 when she died at Dalton-in-Furness. Their children were:-

JOHN SHARPE Born at Low Prior Scale and baptised 18 December 1858 at St. Bridget, Calder Bridge which had been consecrated in 1842. He became a Veterinary Surgeon. Married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jopson on 20 January 1885 at St. Bridget. He died in July 1909 only three months after inheriting all the property of his uncle of the same name. Lizzie appears to have lived on at the farm with her sons. Lizzie’s mother was a Mossop as was an uncle who married her father’s sister, both Mossops originally from the High Prior Scale branch through her father Clement and grandfather William, both Stone Masons of Calder Bridge.

AGNES Born at Low Prior Scale and baptised 10 January 1860 at St. Bridget. Married Thomas Mason Greenip. Died 1937.

ANNIE Born Low Prior Scale and baptised 14 December 1861 at St. Bridget. Was a teacher at St. Bridget Beckermet in 1881. Died 1936.

CHARLES Born 1863 at Low Prior Scale and baptised 15 October 1863 at St. Bridget. Married Lily Southward and moved to Jersey, Channel Islands where Charles was a Market Gardener.   They had two sons born there, Edward in 1897 and Charles Stanley in 1898, the latter dying as a Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force on 13 August 1918 and buried in Touraville Communal Cemetery, France.   

JANE Born at Low Prior Scale and baptised 2 November 1865 at St. Bridget. Died 1939.

HENRY Born at Low Prior Scale and baptised 25 December 1866 at St. Bridget. Married with two daughters and two sons, one of whom was named Stanley and the father of David John Campbell Mossop of Australia.

HANNAH Born at Low Prior Scale and baptised 26 September 1868 at St. Bridget. Died 1950.

MARY Born at Thornholme and baptised 30 April 1870 at St. Bridget. Married Charles Johnson with a son Charles Stanley Johnson. Died 1926.

WILLIAM CLEMENT Born at Thornholme and baptised 6 April 1872 at St. Bridget. Mining Engineer apprentice in 1891. Married Dorothy Braithwaite and had two daughters, Ruth whose married name was Williams and Vera whose married name was Verster.

JOSEPH GUNSON Born at Thornholme and baptised 14 January 1874 at St. Bridget. Died 2 October 1904 at Mountain View, Johannesburg and buried in Braamfontein Cemetery.


The eldest son of Charles and Jane born 1858 at Low Prior Scale. A Veterinary Surgeon, married to Lizzie Jopson. Inherited Low Prior Scale from his uncle in 1909 but died three months afterwards. They had a daughter, Jane Agnes, who died young and two sons.

CHARLIE Baptised 5 January 1886 at St. Bridget. He died in Barrow-in-Furness.  Baptised and known in early years as CHARLIE.  Later references to him as CHARLES including his death registration in 1964.   He was a Marine Engineer interrupted by Army Service in World War I.

JOHN JOPSON Baptised 5 June 1887 at St. Bridget. His experiences in WWI greatly affected him and he continued to live on at Low Prior Scale with his mother where he helped around the farm and worked as an insurance agent. He was found mysteriously drowned in the nearby River Calder on 30 September 1928. The coroner concluded that it could not have been intentional and his state of mind had probably had a bearing on it.

Lizzie died at Low Prior Scales in 1934 at which time it is presumed the farm passed out of the family.

Low Prior Scale had been in Mossop hands for over 290 years.


William was the next but youngest son of Charles and Anne (Williamson) of Low Prior Scale, born 1771 at Boonwood. His elder brother, Clement, inherited Low Prior Scale. William married Mary Mossop who had dual Mossop parentage. Her father, John, came from the Beckcote line and her mother Abigail from the High Prior Scale line. Their children, therefore, had direct ancestry to the three sons of William of Prior Scale.

William and Mary married about 1793 and lived in various locations. (Mary was the younger sister of Hannah who married Joseph Rothery - Maggie Blyth’s line) First it appears that they lived at Prior Ling, another farm in the Calder Valley.

William became a farmer for T.R.G. Braddyll Esq. at Catgill Hall, Egremont. He died in 1841 at Catgill but his will was not proved until 1847. Mary was still alive at this date. Their children were:-

ABIGAIL baptised 3 November 1794 at St. Bridget Beckermet. Married William Fox 15 August 1813 in Egremont. Bob and Jim Southward, Sid Bean and Jim Allan’s line and also of Lynda Griffiths.

ANN baptised 9 December 1795 at St. Bridget. Died February 1796 at Beckermet.

CHARLES baptised 26 December 1796 at St. Bridget.

MARY baptised 28 September 1798 at St. Bridget.

SARAH baptised 13 April 1800 at Lamplugh

HANNAH baptised 22 May 1802 at Lamplugh. Married William Jenkinson in 1824.

BRIDGET baptised 29 July 1806 at Lamplugh. Married Isaac Russell. At least one son, William.

WILLIAM baptised 21 August 1808 at Lamplugh. Died July 1831 at Catgill.

ISAAC baptised 23 September 1810 at Egremont. Married Mary Salaney 4 November 1840 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity. They had one son William born 1843.

CLEMENT baptised 7 March 1812 at Egremont. Married 1) Ann Wear 28 February 1843 at St. John Beckermet. No children. 2) Betsy Kendall(?) from the Isle of Man. They had seven children. Clement became a grocer in Egremont. They are ancestors of Roy Ennor and Jane Durbin.



Clement was the second son of William of Prior Scales and took over the farm at High Prior Scale. He was buried on 16 September 1737 and Abigail on 2 November that year. There is some discrepancy in the wills of Clement and Abigail as to how many children they had. Clement has five sons, the four elder unnamed, and five daughters. Abigail has four sons and six daughters amongst the latter two named Ann - Moscrop and Benson. The possibility has been proposed that one of the elder sons was married to an Ann but died between the time that Clement and Abigail made their wills so she was in fact a widowed daughter-in-law.  Clement and Abigail’s children were:

JOHN 1686-1784. He was married in 1713 to Frances Benn, his first cousin once removed. They had a large family. John lived at Goody How Style farm, Ponsonby, then at Calder Abbey farm. He was at Prior Scale in 1770 when Frances died. In 1784 I believe he was at Struddabank, another Calder Valley farm living in retirement with his son Henry. Henry had previously been further up the valley at Side. John’s youngest son was Clement who inherited High Prior Scale from his childless uncle, William. This Clement married Elizabeth Jackson, niece of Elizabeth Nicholson/Mossop below.

WILLIAM 1687- Sep 1763. He married Elizabeth Nicholson, a tanner’s daughter. She was the sister of Sarah Nicholson, Elizabeth Jackson’s mother. There were other marriages between the Nicholsons and the Jacksons. William inherited High Prior Scale but he and Elizabeth had no children so left HPS to William’s nephew Clement, son of his brother John, who was married to Elizabeth’s niece.   William and Elizabeth's initials are carved into a barn at High Prior Scale farm.

ANN Married name Benson.   I have been told that Ann married John Benson 1714 at Ponsonby.   This would tie in with their descendants being intertwined in threads of both families.

MARY Married name Poslat (Postlethwaite?)

MOSES Baptised 24 January 1695/6. Died 13 September 1785 at Cringlethwaite, parish of Beckermet St. John and close to Egremont. First marriage to Elizabeth Ashburner, second to Hannah Kitchen and third to Ruth Cook nee Kitchen. See below for further details. (Line of John Coulthard, George Kendall Gillberry, Carmel Reynen, Dianne Fox, Kate Matheson and Jane Privett)

SON Unnamed in Clement’s will. Assumed to be married to an Ann.  

SARAH Baptised 10 March 1699/1700

HANNAH Baptised 28 February 1702/3. Married Isaac Moor.

EASTER Baptised 31 March 1706. Married Thomas Wood. Died 1790 in Whitehaven and buried at Arlecdon.

CLEMENT Baptised 18 September 1709. Died 29 (or 20th) December 1788.  Married 6 July 1734 in Whitehaven St. Nicholas to Jane Sharp12 children. 1st baptised at St. Bridget, nos 2-7 at Ennerdale, nos 8-12 at Haile whilst living at Tortlecote. Clement’s two eldest sons subsequently farmed at Prior (Pier/Pear) Ling, another Calder Valley farm.


John was the eldest son of Clement and Abigail of High Prior Scale and lived from 1686-1784. The burial registers noted that he was aged 98. He was married in 1713 to Frances Benn, his first cousin once removed. They appear to have lived at Goody How Style farm, Ponsonby, then at Calder Abbey farm. He was at Prior Scale in 1770 when Frances died. In 1784 he was at Struddabank, another Calder Valley farm living in retirement with his son Henry. He made a will in May 1784 and died on 5 November that year. However, for some reason the will was not proved until 1797 at the same time as that of his son Henry. Probate of both wills was granted to Henry’s son John. John senior had quite a few properties in and around the area which he had bought on mortgage then rented out and these he left between certain children and grandchildren. As his will was not proved for some years one wonders what happened to these in the meantime.

The children of John and Frances, all baptisms given at St. Bridget Beckermet were:-

WILLIAM Baptised 7 May 1714. Probably the one who married Esther Fisher 21 July 1752 at St. Bridget’s with no resulting children.

CLEMENT Baptised 16 December 1716. Married 9 December 1745 at Ponsonby to Elizabeth Jackson. (A duplicate entry says at Haile to Anne Jackson but his wife’s name was definitely Elizabeth.). Clement farmed at Yottenfews, St. Bridget’s and then at Dalegarth in Eskdale until he inherited High Prior Scale from his childless uncle, William. Clement’s wife, Elizabeth, was also the niece of William’s wife so an uncle and aunt left it to a nephew and niece. High Prior Scale was afterwards inherited by Clement’s youngest son, Joseph.

HENRY Baptised 12 July 1719. He was farming at Calder Abbey when he married Mary Woodcock on 31 January 1743 at Haile. They had one son, John, who died a year or so later, Mary dying shortly after. It was over five years before Henry married again to Eleanor (believed to be Eleanor Cook married 1 August 1748 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas) and farmed Side, a remote farm up the Calder Valley. Ten children were born to them before Eleanor died in 1768 and their youngest child the following year. By about 1764 they had moved further down the valley to the farm Struddabank. On 1 September 1770 Henry married for the third time to Jane Atkinson, nee Walker, a widow with a young son. They had four children of whom the first died young. Henry settled an estate he owned at Sellafield on Jane in lieu of her widow’s rights to Struddabank which he instructed be sold to provide for all his children. He also left a small legacy to his stepson John. For Henry’s descendants, see separate section.

MOSES Baptised 28 January 1721/2. Married 8 May 1744 at Ponsonby to Elizabeth Pickering. Two children, Elizabeth and Pickering. Lived at Nether Wasdale.

JOHN Baptised 29 November 1724 apparently as a child of this family but not in father’s will.

ABIGAIL Born about 1726 and married Jonah Sewell on 21 February 1748 at Ennerdale.   Jonah and Abigail are ancestors of Pam Baines.

FRANCES Born about 1728 and married John Robertson or Robinson on 31 January 1753 at Ponsonby.


Clement was the second son of John Mossop and Frances Benn, baptised 16 December 1716 and married 9 December 1745 at Ponsonby to Elizabeth Jackson. Clement had farmed at Yottenfews, St. Bridget’s and then at Dalegarth in Eskdale until he inherited High Prior Scale from his uncle William in 1764 after the death of William’s wife. Clement died in October 1790 and was buried at St. Bridget. Elizabeth survived him until 1800 when she died at High Prior Scale and was also buried at St. Bridget. The children of Clement and Elizabeth were:-

HANNAH Baptised 14 November 1746 St. Bridget. Married 28 December 1785 at St. Bridget to Darcey Curwen. Two sons, Thomas and Matthew. Thomas Curwen married Sarah Mossop, his first cousin and daughter of Moses of Coniston below. Thomas was a Spade, Shovel and Edge Tool Manufacturer at Beckermet and later a small Farmer at Black Beck, Haile. He and Sarah had about thirteen children.   Several of their sons went to sea whilst another graduated from London University.    Thomas lived to the age of 83 and Sarah to 84.

JOHN Born 1748 at Yottenfews and baptised 21 April 1748 at St. Bridget. Married Frances Russell 7 October 1780 at Ponsonby and had four children, William, John, Isaac and Ruth. John farmed at Egbank, Gosforth and at Brayshaw, Haile. He died at Brayshaw in 1788 leaving a widow and young family. Of his sons, Isaac baptised 13 December 1784 at Haile became a Corn Miller and Maltster at Calder Bridge. He married his first cousin, Sarah Holliday, on 22 August 1813 at St. Bridget as below. Isaac and Sarah are ancestors of Margaret Hartley and John Williamson.

SARAH Baptised 13 April 1750 at St. Bridget, married 1) Richard Tyson 24 January 1771 at Whitehaven St. James and had probably three sons John, William and Richard Tyson.   Richard Tyson senior was buried 15 June 1778 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas.   SARAH then married William Holliday 5 February 1782 at St. Bridget.    They had five children Mossop, Clement, William, Sarah and Joseph Holliday.   William Holliday junior born 30 July 1786 and baptised 11 August 1786 at St. Bridget married Sarah Russell 29 Dec 1811 at Whitehaven St. James.  They are ancestors of Jonathan Taylor. (William Holliday junior was first cousin to Eleanor Mossop who married John Russell, younger brother of his wife Sarah Russell - see Limerick meat processing section)   Sarah Holliday, baptised 13 October 1788 at St. Bridget, married her first cousin Isaac Mossop as above and so is also an ancestor of Margaret Hartley and John Williamson.   Joseph born 29 March and baptised 30 March 1791 at St. Bridget married Elizabeth Nicholson 2 June 1817 at St. Bridget.   They are ancestors of Jeannette Bolton.  (Note that Joseph is recorded on IGI as a son of Joseph and Sarah Holliday but Jeannette has seen the original register which confirms he was a son of William and Sarah).   Joseph and Elizabeth spent several years in Limerick, perhaps in connection with his sister-in-law's family meat business, before retiring to Liverpool where their married daughter Sarah Irvine was living.

FRANCES Baptised 11 October 1751 at St. Bridget. Married Henry Braithwaite 24 December 1774 at St. Bridget.   It is possible they were great-grandparents of Edward Braithwaite who married Eleanor Mossop (baptised 1846) of the Low Prior Scales line.

ELIZABETH Born c 1753. Married Isaac Wilson 23 August 1778 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity.

WILLIAM Baptised 25 November 1755 at Eskdale on same day as twin brother Moses. He married Elizabeth (Betty) Wilkinson 8 November 1785 at Cockermouth All Saints and they had eight children. He was a Stone Mason of Calder Bridge. He lived to the age of 80 and the newspaper reported that he had never in his whole life had a day off work due to indisposition. Several descending generations used Wilkinson as a boy’s first name and it appears exclusive to this branch. It seems almost certain that Barrie Mossop is descended from this branch as his great-grandfather appears to be Wilkinson Mossop, himself a great-grandson of William and Betty.

MOSES Baptised 25 November 1755 at Eskdale with William. Moved to Coniston, then in Lancashire, where he was a Joiner. Married to Jane Dixon 5 March 1791 at Coniston.   They had nine children, seven of whom had descendants. All the Mossop families in the Coniston area were descendants of Moses and Jane.      See this line and descendants below.

CLEMENT Baptised 15 April 1758 at Eskdale. Married Ann Mossop of Moorside, Gosforth and had nine children. See below. Pat Mossop’s line.

MARY Baptised 13 January 1761 at Eskdale.

JOSEPH Baptised 28 August 1763 at Eskdale. He married Ann Walker 21 November 1791 at St. Bridget and had eight children. Inherited High Prior Scale from his father although he himself lived at Catgill Hall, Egremont.

RUTH Baptised 27 December 1765 at St. Bridget. Married Isaac Gunson 21 February 1791 at St. Bridget. They had six children of whom the eldest, Dorothy, was an ancestor of the late Ruth Geldart, founder member of Cumberland Family History Society and one of the earliest Mossop researchers.  Their fifth child, Eleanor married Joseph Benn, ancestors of Sheila Lawson.  Their youngest son, Henry, was an ancestor of Eileen Marshall.

JANE Baptised at St. Bridget 4 February 1768 or 1769 according to various sources.

Joseph was baptised 28 August 1763 at Eskdale, youngest son of Clement Mossop and Elizabeth. He married Ann Walker 21 November 1791 at St. Bridget. Inherited High Prior Scale from his father although he himself lived at Catgill Hall, Egremont. Joseph died at Catgill, after a long illness, in 1837 and was buried at St. Bridget. Ann had died in 1834. Their children were:-

CLEMENT Baptised 9 April 1793 at St. Bridget. He married Margaret Chester, a widow nee Hutchinson, on 30 April 1803 at St. Bees. Margaret was from the Hutchinson family of Braystones. Clement and Margaret lived at Beckermet St. John although he owned High Prior Scale, inherited from his father, and also by his death property at Sellafield, Struddabank, Spring Leys and Snelling’s Mire at St. Bees. Clement and Margaret had no children so he left High Prior Scale to his brother John for life and then to his nephew, Henry Walker. He died in 1866.

JOHN Baptised 10 January 1795 at St. Bridget.  He became a Provision Merchant in Birkenhead, Cheshire and was buried in Flaybrick Cemetery there in 1877 with his second wife Catherine and sister Sarah.   He was a widower in 1851 but married Catherine Norris the following year.

ANN Baptised 26 August 1797 at St. Bridget. Married Richard Davis 6 June 1832 at Egremont. I do not think they had children.

JOSEPH Baptised 30 April 1799 at St. Bridget. Died 8 August 1848 apparently unmarried.

SHARP Baptised 27 March 1801 at St. Bridget. Sharp took Holy Orders and married Ruth Brockbank 13 July 1831 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas but she died in June the following year at Croston Rectory, Lancashire. Sharp then married Margaret Collins 26 November 1844 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity. They had no children. He became the Incumbent of St. Bridget and St. John Beckermet. Sharp died 29 May 1851 and is recorded on a plaque in the "new" St. Bridget’s church in Calder Bridge.

ELIZABETH Born about 1803.   She lived in Egremont, Cheshire with her sister Sarah where they supported themselves with annuities and letting out rooms in their house.   After Sarah's death she returned to Cumberland where she lived with her nephew Henry Walker at Sellafield.   She died unmarried at Sellafield on 3 July 1897.

MARY Born about 1807. Married William Walker 13 September 1837 at Egremont. William was a farmer at Nethertown and related to the Walker family of Rottington (see Rottington Hall section). They had five or six children, Henry, Ann, Mary, Hannah/Anne (who may be the same child or two), and Jane. Ann and Mary died as infants. Anne died in 1856 aged 19. Jane died also aged 19 in 1864. Thus it appears that when Mary’s brother Clement died in 1866 Henry Walker was the sole surviving descendant of this side of the family. William Walker had died suddenly in 1858 after a fall from his horse. In 1871 Mary and her sister-in-law, Margaret, Clement’s widow, lived next door to each other in Beckermet St. John, both in receipt of an annuity. Mary died in 1874.

SARAH Baptised 3 November 1809 at St. Bridget. Remained unmarried and lived with her sister Sarah in Egremont, Cheshire.  She died there in 1879 and is buried with her brother John and his wife Catherine in Flaybrook Cemetery.    Her will written in 1874 was witnessed by John and Catherine whilst her sole Executor and Legatee was her sister Elizabeth.


Henry, son of William Walker and Mary Mossop, was baptised 4 November 1838 at Beckermet St. John. He married Esther Hutchinson of Braystones, niece of Margaret, his uncle Clement’s wife, on 22 May 1862 at St. Bees. They had nine children of whom one or two died young. Henry lived on an estate at Sellafield (from maps exactly the area on which the power station now stands) which he inherited together with substantial property from his uncle and probably his father.   As can be seen from the above family, his mother Mary was the only one to have children and he was the sole male heir of this line.   His wife Esther died aged only 39 in 1879 and Henry never remarried. At his death in 1909 he divided his property between his children but it was sold by them shortly after.

So ended the Mossop connection with High Prior Scale which had lasted some 227 years




Moses was the twin brother of William, Stone Mason of Calder Bridge, 6th and 7th children of Clement Mossop and Elizabeth Jackson.   They were born at Dalegarth and baptised at Eskdale 25 November 1755.

Moses moved to Coniston which was then in Lancashire and worked as a Joiner.   He married Jane Dixon 5 March 1791 at Coniston and they had at least nine children.

BETTY was born June 1791 at Coniston and died April 1831 at Bowmanstead, Coniston unmarried.

BELLA was born October 1792 at Coniston.    She had a child AGNES in August 1819 at Bowmanstead who married JOHN WILSON, a Blacksmith and Beerhouse Keeper of nearby Torver in late 1839.    They had four children, one being born just before their marriage.   This is the line of Gordon Harold Booth.

THOMAS DIXON was born 1793 at Coniston.   He was still unmarried in 1851 and it is thought that he died in that state.

SARAH was born January 1796 at Coniston.    She married her first cousin THOMAS CURWEN of the High Prior Scale line on 25 September 1814 at St. Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland.   They had about thirteen children and lived at Beckermet.   This was the only child of Moses and Jane to return to that area.

MOSES was born c. 1799 at Coniston and became a Copper Miner.   He married JANE RIGG 5 October 1823 at Coniston and they had eight children, Elizabeth, John, Moses, Clement, William, Jane, Dixon and Thomas.   Of these, MOSES born December 1826 at Howbank, Coniston married ANN WOODWARD.   They had eleven children and emigrated to Australia, some children being born in the Liverpool area and some in Queensland.  Moses was a Tailor like several other of his Mossop relatives in this branch.   Moses and Ann are ancestors of Mike Mossop of Canberra and Maureen McDonald of New South Wales.   Another child of Moses and Jane was JANE born June 1834 at Heathwaite, Coniston.   Jane is the ancestress of Nita Atkinson and Paul Hewson.  The youngest child THOMAS born December 1840 married Betsy Braithwaite in 1863.  Thomas also became a Tailor and Draper.  They had five children of whom the middle child, a son Thomas Braithwaite Mossop, died in 1886 at the age of 17.   Thomas and Betsy are ancestors of Judy MacDonald.

CLEMENT was born March 1800 in Coniston.   He married JANE THOMPSON 7 April 1836.   They had at least one daughter, Mary Ann.    Another daughter Jane born well before their marriage must have been the child of one or other of them.

GEORGE was born September 1802 at Coniston.   He married ELIZABETH BRAITHWAITE 28 December 1833 at Torver.   Elizabeth's family were from the Duddon Valley at Ulpha, Cumberland/Seathwaite, Lancs and she already had three children, Robert, John and Mary Braithwaite.    George and Elizabeth had

    WILLIAM born c. 1834 who moved to Liverpool and married ANNIE HUGHES in 1864.   They had ten children and are ancestors of Maureen Campion.    William was known in Liverpool by his mother's surname BRAITHWAITE though official registration documents were carried out in the name of Mossop. 

    JANE born May 1836 at Beckgate, Coniston.   Jane married JOHN CASSON, a Tailor, in 1857 at Holy Trinity, Ulverston.  They had two children, George Mossop Casson and John Casson, the latter born after John senior's early death from T.B. in March 1861 at the age of 27.   Jane remarried to ISAAC FISHER, a Copper Miner, in 1863 at Ulverston Register Office and had six more children.   Early in their marriage, they moved to County Durham where Isaac worked in the Coal Mines.   Jane Dyer descends from this line.

    SARAH born 1838 at Dixon Ground, Coniston.   She had two children, Elizabeth in 1859 at Gateside, Coniston and then Mary c. 1863.   She married WILLIAM THWAITES in 1867 and had four more children.

JANE born 1803 in Coniston married JOHN BOWNASS there in 1830.   They had seven children, Mary, Moses, Jane, Agnes, John, William and Isabella.   In 1851 MOSES, born 1833, was a farmhand at Claife but by 1861 was living in Ambleside married to a widow seventeen years older than himself with whom he had a daughter Mary Ann.   By 1857 he had embarked on a career as a Photographer under the name of

    MOSES BOWNESS in which year he photographed the then Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, who with companions and entourage was making an unofficial visit to the Lake District staying in hotels and hiring boats and ponies. 

"the young Prince was reported to be wearing a grey cap, brown shooting jacket, and plaid trousers and the party walked down from the train at Windermere to the Royal Hotel at Bowness, but people became curious and are variously reported to have been respectful and in places, enthusiastic! They moved on to a variety of named hotels."

A detailed report of the royal visit and Moses' involvement was published in The Westmorland Gazette of May 1857.   This fortuitous event enabled him to advertise the royal connection on the reverse of his subsequent prints as "Photographer to HRH the Prince of Wales".  I am very grateful for this additional information to Susan Premru who has researched Moses' life and career and who held an exhibition dedicated to him at Kendal Library in the summer of 2007.  It was a truly remarkable transition from farmhand to Society photographer and it is hoped more can be learned in due course.   In later life Moses conducted a discreet long term liaison with an aristocratic lady some eighteen years his junior which resulted in four children being born, well away from Westmorland, before his first wife died and they were free to marry.  They had a further two children of whom the boy died as an infant.  Around this time he acquired the lease of an imposing house Belmount near Hawkshead.  Amongst his several local offices he served as Secretary of Hawkshead Agricultural Society and was a Director of the Gas and Water Company at Ambleside.  He was also instrumental in saving Stock Ghyll waterfall for the benefit of townspeople and tourists.

Sadly his life came to an abrupt halt at the age of 60 as the report below describes. 

[Westmorland Gazette 28th April 1894:

On Wednesday, Mr. John Poole, coroner, held an inquest at Belmount, on the body of Mr. Moses Bowness, Belmount, Hawkshead and also of Ambleside, photographer, who died on Monday morning from injuries received on Saturday morning. Mr. Samuel Porter was foreman of the jury. Mrs. Helena Bowness, widow of the deceased, said she, her husband, two lady friends and her little girl two years old, left Belmount in a dog cart on Saturday for a drive round Esthwaite Lake to the Ferry and back home again. They went round the lake and through Sawrey, and stopped at the Sawrey Hotel. The horse was a six year old and a very spirited one. Owing to the reins becoming entangled with the bit the horse became irritable, and on leaving the hotel to go to the ferry it broke into a gallop, and just at the turn in the Ferry hill where the road goes to Cunsey, the trap was upset. Witness lifted her baby out of the trap when she found it was going over, and dropped it onto its feet. All the other occupants were thrown out. Witness and deceased fell both to the right hand side of the road. Witness thought the deceased struck against the wall, but when she saw him he was lying on his face. He struck the ground with his forehead, and then rolled over. He was lying insensible. Medical aid was immediately summoned and they called at Dr. Allen's of Hawkshead, on their way home. The deceased to a certain extent regained consciousness, and knew witness. He died on Monday. In answer to the coroner, witness said that the reins were put right before they started from the hotel at Sawrey. Mary Brockbank, wife of Isaac Brockbank of Satterhow, said she saw the dog cart containing the deceased and others coming down the hill, at a rapid rate on Saturday afternoon. Witness was standing in the yard and before the trap went over she saw it swerve on one wheel for a considerable distance. It was just at the turn where it upset. Witness could not say whether deceased had hold of the reins.

Moses was buried in the churchyard of St. Andrew's, Coniston together with his parents and other family.

MARY born May 1807 Coniston.   Mary was living in the house of JOHN SPEDDING, Slate Quarryman in Bowmanstead, Coniston in 1851 and died in the same place in February 1855.   On 1861 census some of her children were living with John Spedding and given as his stepchildren.   However, he and Mary had not married and all her children carried the Mossop surname.   She appears to have had four children;  MARY was born c. 1831 at Coniston; ADAH born May 1832 at Bowmanstead, Coniston married WILLIAM FLEMING in 1854 and had at least two children;  WILLIAM was born 1843 at Coniston and died unmarried in 1881;  THOMAS born c. 1851 in Coniston married MARGARET GREENHOW in 1879 with one daughter then after her death ELIZABETH ANN GREENHOW in 1886 with seven children.   Elizabeth Ann was the niece of Thomas' first wife Margaret though there was only six years difference in their ages.



Clement was the eighth child and fourth son of Clement Mossop and Elizabeth, ne Jackson, born 1758 at Dalegarth, Ennerdale. He married Ann Mossop of Moorside, Gosforth on 21 February 1784 at Gosforth. Ann was the daughter of Thomas and Eleanor of Moorside and her father left the property to her. Ann died on 6 October 1830 at Moorside and Clement on 16 March 1834. They had the following children, all baptised at Gosforth:-

JOHN Baptised 12 October 1784. Became a writing clerk in Limerick, Ireland Married Mary Ann Sharp on 24 February 1817 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent and had about seven children.   The family remained in Ireland with John, Mary Ann and three of their children, Clement, Thomas and Eleanor (McGhie) buried together in St. Munchin's Churchyard, Limerick.   One son, George, went to the USA and sent for his bride Susan G. Maloney to join him.  Padraig (Pat) Mossop’s line.  

SARAH Baptised 15 October 1786. Married John Hodgson.

CLEMENT Baptised 30 September 1789. Delivery Clerk in Limerick. Married Bridget Carr on 4 June 1827 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick. They had children mentioned in his will when he was claiming a share of his mother’s estate on behalf of Bridget and their children. Clement died 22 December 1833 at Limerick.   Their youngest child, also Bridget, was born just after her father's death.  In 1854 aged 19 or 20, she emigrated aboard the "Emerald Isle" to Australia arriving in Adelaide on 16 January 1854.   Three days later her future husband, Thomas Foristal, a shepherd, arrived at the same port aboard the "William Hammond".  They both gave their previous abode as Queen's County, Ireland.   They were married a few months later on 7 July 1854 at Holy Trinity, Adelaide, South Australia after Bridget had obviously found employment as a Parlour Maid as that was the occupation she gave.   Thomas and Bridget's story has been well documented by Robert Newton whose wife Hilary is a descendant.

ANN Baptised 24 January 1791. Died aged 24.

ELEANOR Baptised 2 December 1794. Married in 10 October 1815 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas to John Russell of the Braystones, St. Bees Russell branch.   John Russell, together with Joseph Matterson, founded a Bacon Production factory in Roches Street, Limerick in 1816.   It was one of the major employers in the city.   For more details see www.limerickslife.com/thebaconfactories.htm    John and Eleanor Russell are ancestors of John Fox-Russell.

THOMAS Baptised 20 April 1797. Writing Clerk in Limerick. Believed to have gone to USA.

ELIZABETH Baptised 29 December 1799. Married 1 October 1829 at Gosforth to Edward Sandwith.

MARY Baptised 3 November 1802. Married Joseph Matterson who as J. Matterson & sons founded the Bacon Factory in Limerick in 1816 with John Russell above. The firm still exists but is no longer in the family.

JOSEPH Baptised 22 April 1805. Died in 1817.

John, Clement and Thomas apparently went to Limerick to be with their sisters who had married and lived there.


Henry was the third son of John Mossop and Frances neé Benn, baptised 12 July 1719 at St. Bridget. He was farming at Calder Abbey when he married Mary Woodcock of Beckermet St. John on 31 January 1743 at Haile. They had one son, John, baptised 16 March 1744 who died in July of the next year. Mary herself died a few months after and was buried 29 January 1745/6.

On 1 August 1748 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas Henry married again to Eleanor Cook and farmed Side, a remote farm up the Calder Valley and later at Struddabank. Their children were:-

MOSES Born about 1750 at Side but no baptism found. However, he was the first named son in his father’s will. Married Hannah Steel on 28 February 1775 at Gosforth and had three children. This is Bob Mullett and Alma Trethowan’s line and also that of William Geoffrey Mossop and Marjorie Healey.   It is followed later.

MARY Born at Side and baptised 24 February 1753 at St. Bridget. Presumably named for Henry’s first wife. Married 24 August 1779 at St. Bridget to William Russell with at least one son, Joseph who became a grocer in Whitehaven.

WILLIAM Born at Side and baptised 5 April 1755 at St. Bridget. No further information.

JOHN Born at Side and baptised 5 April 1755 at St. Bridget. I have the two baptisms on the same day for William and John from different sources. In his will Henry named both of them separately as legatees and trustees and they were probably twins. John was also a trustee of the will of his grandfather, John Mossop. I believe this John was the one who married Peggy Craike on 7 June 1783, lived for a long time in Ennerdale but eventually died in Wilton, Haile in 1816.

HANNAH Born at Side and baptised 7 April 1758 at St. Bridget. Married Daniel Dixon 2 January 1791 at St. Bridget and had at least one son also Daniel.

CHRISTOPHER Born at Side and baptised 2 May 1760 at St. Bridget. Married Frances Jackson 19 November 1786 at Ennerdale where he lived in various properties for the rest of his life. Six children including John who married Ruth Haile, another Mossop descendant from the Beck Cote line, and farmed at Birk Moss and Cragg; Mary who married Darcy Benson; Frances married Russell Thompson; Jackson who lived at Dean and was married to Jane Gates. Christopher died 1847 at Cragg.  Christopher and Frances are ancestors of Helen Pfann and Liz Telford.

ELEANOR The last child born at Side and baptised 3 July 1761 at St. Bridget. Died aged 19 and buried at St. Bridget21 May 1780.

HENRY Born 20 February 1764 at Struddabank and baptised the following 8 September at St. Bridget. Died 29 December 1833 in Calder Bridge leaving all to his nephews and their children.

CLEMENT Born at Struddabank and baptised 22 February 1766 at St. Bridget. Married to Isabella, probably Walker of Ennerdale.  Clement died in 1823 and Isabella in 1855.  They had probably only the one son, Henry born c. 1801.  Henry was, according to his will, a builder then spirit dealer in Liverpool though he is recorded on the 1841 census and in the Pacquet newspaper at his death as a Joiner.  He received all his uncle Henry’s property in Calder Bridge in 1834.  In 1841 he and his mother were living in Liverpool but he died in 1845 in Calder Bridge, unmarried, leaving his estate to his widowed mother and naming a friend Thomas Walker, Grocer of Calder Bridge as a friend and Executor.  

ANTHONY Born at Struddabank and baptised 26 December 1767 at St. Bridget. Died April 1769 and buried at St. Bridget.

Eleanor died not long after Anthony’s birth and was buried on 31 January 1768 at St. Bridget.

On 1 September 1770 at Ennerdale, Henry, with his large, motherless family, married for the third time to Jane Atkinson, nee Walker, a widow with a young son. Their children were:

WALKER Born at Struddabank and baptised 13 July 1771 at St. Bridget. Died young and was buried at St. Bridget 11 January 1773.

FRANCES Born at Struddabank and baptised 2 September 1773 at Struddabank.

SARAH Born at Struddabank and baptised 25 April 1776 at St. Bridget. Married Isaac Mossop a son of Charles and Anne of Low Prior Scale, her third cousin. They lived near Egremont and had seven children some of whom died young.

WALKER Born at Struddabank on 10 January 1778 and baptised at St. Bridget 24 November. He was unmarried and in later years lived with Sarah and Isaac at Egremont, both men being farm workers.

Henry died in 1797 though I have no actual date for this, no burial entry at St. Bridget’s nor a record of any memorial to him there. His will was proved by his son John on 2nd October 1797. His widow Jane was named as sole Executor for the purpose of his funeral arrangements. He named four Trustees as his sons, Moses, William and John and his son-in-law Daniel Dixon.

Jane was left an estate Henry owned at Sellafield for life so long as she did not remarry. He also gave her all his household goods and husbandry gear and all his great goods, horses and cows. This was in lieu of her widow rights to Struddabank and the share in his great house at Calder Bridge which he had inherited from his father.

He asked for Struddabank and the house at Calder Bridge to be sold and the proceeds to be divided equally amongst his children of whom he had eleven living at his death. His flock of sheep were to be similarly distributed amongst his children. He left his stepson John Atkinson £5 to be paid out of Jane’s share.


Moses was the eldest son of Henry of Side and Struddabank and his wife Eleanor, born c. 1754 at Side. Moses was a name strongly favoured by the branch which descended from William of Prior Scales (and perhaps from William of Bankhouse, Gosforth) but not nearly so indicative as Clement.

He married Hannah Steel on 28 February 1775 at Gosforth. Moses farmed at Side, his father’s old farm in the upper Calder Valley, but also owned Moss Side at Sellafield which he left to his son Henry. Moses and Hannah had two daughters, Hannah and Eleanor and the one son Henry. Moses died 22 November 1809 at Side whilst Hannah died in 1832 being buried 16 May 1832 at St. Bridget having lived at Egremont.

Henry was the only son of Moses and Hannah of Side, born 15 or 18 December 1781 and baptised 13 January 1782 at St. Bridget. Henry was living at Greysouthen when his father died in 1809 and left him Moss Side at Sellafield. He was married to Mary about 1812 and their three children were all born there. Henry in 1812, see below; Joseph 1814/15; Eleanor 1816. In addition, Henry had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Carr, whom his uncle Henry in his will stipulated should be treated on an equal footing with his legitimate children. I do not know when or where Mary was born and so how she fits into the scheme of the family.

Bob Mullett says that at one time Henry was a landscape gardener on an estate of Lord Rosebery but I do not know where this was or what dates it would cover. The 4th Earl of Rosebery died about 1851 when his son and successor as 5th Earl (1847-1829), later an eminent politician, was under four years of age. His inheritance was kept in trust for him until he reached his majority in 1868 when he succeeded both to the title and the large estates, the latter being mainly in Scotland (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

By 1851, some considerable number of years after Henry presumably left Moss Side, he was working as an agricultural labourer at Kirkland, Lamplugh. Mary died 12 June 1851 and Henry on 15 April 1857. Both were buried at Lamplugh and a large memorial stone commemorates them and the children of their son, Henry.


Henry was the eldest son of Henry and Mary of Moss Side, Sellafield and Kirkland, Lamplugh. He was born at Sellafield and baptised 29 November 1812 at St. Bridget. He was married on 7 June 1834 at St. Bees to Jane Haig, whose parents lived at Sandwith where her father was a stone mason. In 1851 he was a farm labourer at Blea Bank, Moresby. The following year he and Jane emigrated to Australia aboard the "Blanche" with their then surviving children. Henry died 12 December 1889 in Daylesford , Australia and Jane on 18 January 1893 at the same place. Their children were:-

MARY Born at Sandwith and baptised 23 November 1834 at St. Bees. Married about 1855 in Ballarat, Australia to George Borrow and had four children.

JOSEPH Born at Sandwith and baptised 19 March 1837 at St. Bees. Died 10 January 1878 at Bullarto, Tamar Hill, Daylesford, Australia. Commemorated with his grandparents at Lamplugh and also on his parents' stone at Bullarto.

JOHN Born 13 November 1839 at Sandwith and baptised 8 December at St. Bees. Married 31 May 1871 in Australia to Ellen Pridmore. A daughter, Ivy Jane, married William Thomas Mullett. Ancestors of Bob Mullett and Alma Trethowan.

HENRY Born at Moresby and baptised there 10 July 1842. He married Jane Ellis in 1869 at Bullarto.   10 known children from whom William Geoffrey Mossop, died 2000, was descended.   His widow Maxine Mossop continues to research this line.   Marjorie Healey is another descendant.

WALTER Born at Moresby and baptised 22 December 1844. Died 3 July 1847 and commemorated on his grandparents’ stone at Lamplugh and also on his parents' stone at Bullarto.

ISAAC Born at Moresby and baptised 4 April 1847. Died 1886 in Australia and is commemorated on his parents' stone at Bullarto.

HANNAH Born at Moresby and baptised 14 October 1849. Emigrated with her parents but died on the voyage on 9 October 1852. Commemorated on her grandparents’ stone at Lamplugh.    Also on her parents' stone at Bullarto where her date of death is given as 14 September 1852.

JANE Born at Moresby and baptised there 18 January 1852. Emigrated that year with her parents but died 14 February 1854 at Geelong. Commemorated on her grandparents’ stone at Lamplugh and also on her parents' stone at Bullarto.

HARRIET Born about 1855 in Australia.




Moses was the third son of Clement and Abigail of High Prior Scale, born 1695/6. He married Elizabeth Ashburner, whose residence was Cleator, on 24th April 1723 at Egremont. It is said in the family that he married three times and I have found three wives for him but there is quite a presumed gap between his first and second children. Moses leased Thornholme in the Calder Valley until after their second child was born.

The big change came when Moses moved his family to Rottington Hall, north of St. Bees. It is said that they came with a cart carrying their belongings and that Clement was a child in arms. This dates it around 1732-3. Moses signed a lease for Rottington in 1749 but one presumes this was a renewal. It was owned by a succession of landlords and from 1762 by Sir James Lowther, later Earl of Lonsdale, a very prominent family in that area of Cumberland. At some time, however, I think that the Mossop owned the land outright but this would have been several generations down the line. Moses’ descendants owned Rottington Hall until 1956.

Rottington is a small hamlet, high up on St. Bees Head but inland from the sea, consisting of a Manor House, a couple of farms and some cottages. Rottington Hall is one of the farms. The farm on the other side of the road later known as the Orchard House was lived in from the 1700s to this century by the Walker family of whom more later.

WILLIAM Born probably 1724 at Thornholme and baptised at St. Bridgets on 22nd March 1724. He was buried 16 April 1746 at St. Bees. No age was given.

CLEMENT Born about 1730 at Thornholme, Calder Valley. (John Coulthard’s, Carmel Reynen’s and Dianne Fox's ancestor). Married Eleanor Walker from the farm across the road.   After this date the family moved to Rottington, St. Bees.

MARY Baptised 15 August 1735 at St. Bees. She was married on 9 May 1763 to William Bradford, a mariner. (Because she was the first of the children born to Moses and Elizabeth baptised at St. Bees it is sometimes assumed she was their eldest child. However, family papers state quite definitely that Clement had already been born at Thornholme.)

JOHN Baptised 25 August 1738. Buried 29 December 1745. Both at St. Bees

MOSES Baptised 30 January 1740/1 at St. Bees. He died on 12 July 1794 at Rottington. There appears to have been something wrong with Moses as Moses’ senior’s will states that Clement is to feed and house him (with as good a grace as he can muster) and his daughter, one thinks Elizabeth, is to supervise the arrangement and see that Moses is fairly treated. When Moses died he was described as "the lodger" in the burial register.

ELIZABETH Baptised 2 February 1744/5 at St. Bees. She had an illegitimate daughter, Anne, baptised 25 May 1768 and later married Dacre Stowbridge on 21 February 1770 at Whitehaven St. James.  Moses senior’s will talks of a daughter "Stobo" who is to supervise Clement’s care of Moses. 

RUTH Baptised 21 January 1748 at St. Bees. She was married on 26 October 1768 at Whitehaven St. James to William Sheridan, a mariner. They evidently had children as when her father made his will he stated that Ruth had gone off to sea with her husband and left the children behind. He didn’t name the children nor say who was looking after them. He placed a condition on her inheritance that she had to have a pretty good story to tell her brother Clement to explain why she had done it.

Moses’ wife, Elizabeth, died and was buried on 4 June 1749 at St. Bees.

On 3 July 1750 he married Hannah Kitchen at St. Bees. He was then aged 55 and had five surviving children aged between 20 and 2 years old. Moses and Hannah had 2 further children:

HENRY was born at Rottington and baptised 11 May 1751 at St. Bees. He became a mariner and was Master of the "Hannah" in 1784. It appears he married Mary (Molly) Harrison on 25 August 1778 at Whitehaven St. James. Molly died on 23 August 1783 at Whitehaven after "a tedious illness" and is commemorated on her parents’ gravestone at Whitehaven St. James. The Paquet reported that her husband was of the "Hannah".   Henry then married Jane Kendall on 16 August 1784 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity and they had six children. There are very many descendants in Australia and around the globe. Henry died at sea on 11 March 1796 and is commemorated in St. Nicholas Whitehaven with his second wife and other members of their families. One of their descendants is George Kendall Gillberry.

ISAAC Baptised 13 July 1752 at St. Bees. Nothing further known.

Moses’ second wife, Hannah, died and was buried 30 June 1772 at St. Bees.

On 22 May 1773 at Beckermet St. John, Moses married Ruth Cook, a widow, (maiden name Kitchin but so far I have not been able to link her to Hannah). This was a very interesting marriage and they must have been old friends and had younger relations in common. By this time, Moses was aged 78. Ruth was the widow of William Cook of The Grange, Beckermet St. John. William and Ruth had had no sons but married off their six daughters advantageously to local families. See  details of these Cook daughter’s marriages which were influential in linking future generations.

Moses and Ruth left Clement and family at Rottington and went to live at another property Moses owned, Cringlethwaite, near Egremont in the parish of St. John Beckermet. Moses died there on 13 September 1785 aged 90 but was buried at St. Bees. He was described in the burial register as a "Statesman" or "estatesman". Ruth apparently went back to live at the Cook family home of The Grange where she died and was buried on 8 February 1794 at St. John’s (another source says 1795). Moses will leaves all to his children and Ruth’s will leaves all to hers. This completes the three marriages Moses is said to have had.

CLEMENT, eldest surviving son of Moses of Rottington and Elizabeth, married Eleanor Walker, daughter of  William and Eleanor Walker of the farm opposite the Hall.  From family papers it is remarked that "all the niceness of the Mossops came in with the Walkers".

Eleanor Walker was baptised on 8 January 1742 at Haile. Her three brothers were also baptised at Haile but the family had obviously moved to Rottington by the time her father, William, died there in 1766. He was buried at St. Bees on 19 June 1766 some two months before Clement and Eleanor married.

Clement and Eleanor married on 15 August 1766 at Whitehaven St. James. Whitehaven had three churches, St. James, Holy Trinity and St. Nicholas. Quite a few St. Bees families married there probably because some at least were more impressive and could hold more people. Also, perhaps for relatives coming from around the area it was more central. St. James is a very large, imposing church standing high on a hill above the town. It has a surprisingly beautiful Georgian interior, described by Nicholas Pevsner as the finest such of any church in the county.

Clement and Eleanor had these children:

ELIZABETH Known as Betty. Baptised 19 August 1767. She was married on 13 February 1790 to John Lister and they lived at Whitehaven. They had 10 children of whom Jane married Charles Mossop (two likely candidates for him) and Ann married Anthony Nicholson. John died (when?) and left Betty as a widow in a poor financial state. When Betty’s mother, Eleanor, died, she left Rottington Hall to Betty (though the name of the property at Rottington is unspecified).

WILLIAM Baptised 2 November 1768. Joined the Army in the Life Guards and so was away in early adult life. However, he returned to Rottington and married Jane who was said to be a servant. They had three children, Clement, born 1800, who died aged 14, William born 1801 who followed his father into the Life Guards and Mary born 1803 who married the Rev. William Dickinson Grice. William built a house for himself in the grounds of The Hall, called "The Rookery". Apparently in poor health in later years, he was buried on 24 August 1817 aged 49.

HANNAH Baptised 31 March 1770. Married 27 September 1794 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity to William Fox of High House and Abbey Farm, St. Bees. Hannah died 4 February 1848. The ancestors of our Fox branch, parents of Catherine Fox (John Coulthard) and Rev. John Fox (Carmel Reynen and Dianne Fox). Their son, William, carried on at Abbey Farm and married Mary Ann Cook. They had other children who are on the Fox family chart.

MOSES Baptised 8 June 1772. As his elder brother, William, was evidently not interested in farming, it was Moses who took over Rottington Hall which he bought back from his sister Betty’s estate. It stayed in this line until it was sold in 1956. Moses married Mary Fox, sister of William, on 6 November 1799 at St. Bees. He died on 18 April 1866 aged 94 "a hale old man until the time of his death". Mary had predeceased him in April 1848 which was a very sad year for the Fox and Mossop families with many family members dying then or around that time.

JOHN Baptised 4 June 1774. John went up to Queen’s College, Oxford and took Holy Orders. Queen’s College had been founded specifically for boys from Cumberland and Westmorland and many of the brighter scholars went there. He became the Rector of Hothfield, Kent. John married first Mary Aynscombe who was some 17 years older than himself.  They had no children.  Mary was a well educated, cultured lady, from a very wealthy family and when she died in 1828 left John all she had.  One of her unmarried sisters also left John a substantial legacy.  Documents show considerable property holdings in parts of London.

John married secondly on 21 August 1843 at Wigton, Cumberland, Margaret Pearson. John was then 69 years old and Margaret only about 27.  She was the daughter of William Pearson born c. 1816 in Wigton or Maryport, the latter given on some census returns.   Margaret was said to be a niece of William Fox and Mary Ann Cook (William son of William Fox and Hannah Mossop). She cannot be William’s niece but appears to be a younger cousin of Mary Ann through their mothers, by the name of Poole, being sisters.  

John and Margaret had two children, Mary Aynscombe Mossop and John Henry Mossop, before John died in 1849.  The daughter, Mary Aynscombe Mossop, named after his first wife, married, in 1871, WILLIAM ALEXANDER BAILLIE-HAMILTON (later Sir) and had two sons, George Douglas who married his third cousin Helen Georgina Baillie-Hamilton without issue and Walter Stuart who remained unmarried.   Therefore there were no further descendants of this line.   An interesting postscript to this story is that we recently visited the impressive William/Robert Adam house "Mellerstain" on the Scottish borders.   Somewhat to my surprise I noted that the present incumbent, the 13th Earl of Haddington, had the surname BAILLIE-HAMILTON.   On returning home I managed to connect up the two branches although of course since our own Baillie-Hamilton line had expired in the mid 20th century there is no longer any current relationship to the Mossop side.   However, the story of these two intertwined families, Baillie and Hamilton is fascinating in its own right going back as it does to the fraught days of the Scottish Covenanters.  John Henry, died unmarried and very wealthy, his principal beneficiaries being his half-sister Edith Wagner (see below) and his nephew Walter Stuart Baillie-Hamilton who was also his Executor.

Margaret married again after Rev. John Mossop’s death to John Henry Wagner and had two more children Edith and Malcolm.

ISAAC Baptised 16 November 1776. He also took Holy Orders though I have not yet found which University he attended. Isaac became Rector of Smarden, also in Kent, so was not too far away from his brother John. It appears Isaac could be quite a difficult character as he upset a previous parish so much they were glad to see the back of each other. An old local history book on Cranbrook, Kent quotes thus:-

"Upon the resignation of Mr. Davies, Archbishop Sutton conferred the living on the Rev. Isaac Mossop, and his first signature as vicar occurs in the registers on April 29 1813; he continued here until 1834, a period of about 21 years, when he was promoted to the rectory of Smarden.

At the time Mr. Mossop was appointed vicar of Cranbrook, the old vicarage house was in a very dilapidated condition, consequently he did not reside in it, but occupied lodgings in the town until a new house was erected about four or five years after. He was a tall well-formed man of gentlemanly bearing, but his temper was not an agreeable one; from this and other causes he failed to please the majority of his parishioners, and was at no time popular with them, although he was charitable to many of the poor; unfortunately strife and variance often prevailed among them, the effects of which I need not describe (why not??). The great agitation throughout the country for parliamentary reform occurred during his residence here, to which he was strongly opposed; this rendered him still more unpopular, and when he removed to Smarden the separation was no doubt equally agreeable to both parties.

The vicarage house built for Mr. Mossop, since considerably enlarged (now called the Glebe House) is occupied by the master of the grammar school. Mr. Mossop never kept a curate, nor was he ever married. He died at St. Bees, Carnforth, a township in the parish of Walton, Co-palatine of Lancaster, and was buried there on the 14th January 1857 aged 80 years. There is no monument erected to his memory."

According to family recollections, Isaac spent more time in St. Bees than he did in Smarden. He died at the Abbey (farm or district), St. Bees on 10 January 1857 and was buried in the churchyard with members of his family to whom there is a memorial, including Isaac, now forming part of a path. Abbey Farm was then in the possession of his nephew, William Fox and the informant of his death was another nephew, Henry Mossop. This monument names Isaac first and then his brother Moses and wife Mary and two of their children. Perhaps Isaac got on better with the people in Cumberland.

ELEANOR Baptised 15 December 1778. Buried 17 March 1782.

MARY Born 6 October 1780. Baptised 30 October 1780. Married 12 May 1804 at St. Bees to James Fox, brother of William and Mary. This made three marriages between the two families in this generation. Mary was left Cringlethwaite by her father which he had evidently inherited from his. Although James was the fourth son, they lived at the main Fox residence of High House. The James Fox of Australia was their grandson.

ELEANOR Baptised 7 February 1783. Buried 22 December 1787.

Clement Mossop was buried on 5 March 1814 at St. Bees. His widow, Eleanor, continued to live at the Hall until she had a fall and broke her leg. It was then deemed unsafe for her to live alone so she went to her daughter at Seascale Hall. This is recorded in family stories and Eleanor did die at Seascale Hall on 23 June 1820.  The Paquet  named the daughter as "Mrs. Fox" so it was either Hannah or Mary, more likely the latter.  Eleanor was buried on 26 June at St. Bees.

Clement died a fairly wealthy man and left a farm called Oxenriggs to his son Moses as well as property to his daughters. Two of his other four sons were clergymen in comfortable circumstances and the eldest, William, was living next door at "The Rookery" in retirement from the Army.

Clement and Eleanor had previously retired from the farm at Rottington Hall and built themselves another house next door called "Whinyeat".

The Mossops at Rottington Hall

Although Hannah Mossop has now left the Hall to become Mrs. Fox of St. Bees, I have an interest in what happened to the family remaining there, who were all very closely related. This is what I found:-

Moses was baptised 8 June 1772, second son and fourth child of Clement and Eleanor of Rottington Hall. Moses married Mary Fox of St. Bees and two of his sisters had married her brothers. Moses died on 18 April 1866 aged 94 "a hale old man until the time of his death", Mary having predeceased him in April 1848.

Their children were:

JAMES (Possibly)  Born 23 September 1800 and baptised on 24th. No further information. Presumed died young.   Alternatively I have an idea that the name in the printed registers should have been Isaac below. 

ISAAC Born c. 1800/01. His baptism may be that attributed to James in the printed registers. He became a surgeon, latterly at Whitehaven. He married Agnes Fleming on 2 December 1826 at Broughton-in-Furness, Lancs.   Agnes was only 16 years old, ten years younger than Isaac, and the orphaned daughter of a local Innkeeper.   They had eight children of whom only four daughters survived to adulthood.

Of their four daughters, AGNES remained single, ELEANOR married Rev. George Kerr rather late in life, whilst ELIZABETH HANNAH married Frank Minton Haines, a schoolmaster, and had four children.   Their eldest daughter CATHERINE (Kate) married PERCY WOLLASTON in 1848 after which they embarked on a three year visit to the United States and Canada during which their eldest daughter Catherine Agnes was born.   Percy was a successful businessman and in 1876 they emigrated permanently with their thirteen children, settling in Fairmont, Minnesota where Percy built up a farming, banking and milling enterprise.   They became long standing residents, respected and well to do citizens of the town.    Percy and Catherine were ancestors of Katy Sinclair's husband Kent.

Isaac died in 1853 at Queen Street, his home in Whitehaven and was buried at St. Bees. At that time he owned Oxenriggs and Grange Brow in St. John Beckermet and land in Westmorland. The first two he gave unconditionally to his father and the latter was in trust for his wife and children.  Agnes survived him until 1875 when she died in Ireland but was buried with him at St. Bees.

CLEMENT Born 16 November 1802 and baptised on 17th. On 14 February 1832 at St. Bees he married Martha Coulthard, the sister of Alexander who was married to Catherine Fox. This further strengthened the relationships between the three families. Clement was destined to take over Rottington Hall. He and Martha had 5 children: Clement born 1834 who died 1843; Mary born 1836 married and had children; Catherine (Katie) born 13 July 1838, died 22 November 1854; Ann (Annie) Katie’s twin, who married and had children; Henry (Little Harry) baptised 2 Oct 1840, died 1854.

Clement appears to have been energetic and popular. His best friend was his cousin, William Fox. He set about rebuilding Rottington Hall which was in a dilapidated state by that time and meanwhile he and his growing family lived at Whinyeat from 1832 to 1837.

However, on 27 March 1845 Martha died from an abscess on the liver and it appears that Clement fell into a decline. He was taken to Dunston Lodge Lunatic Asylum in Gateshead, Co. Durham which was a private asylum with a high reputation for cures. The children were left at Rottington to be cared for by their grandparents and two aunts.

Sadly, Clement made no recovery, dying of apoplexy at the asylum on 3 October 1847. One of Clement’s daughter Mary’s earliest memories was of coming down the hill from Rottington and seeing William Fox at the window of Abbey Farm weeping over a letter giving him the news of Clement’s death.

I am not sure how widely known it was that Clement was in an asylum as when his orphaned children, Mary and Ann (the only ones then surviving) came of age they had to sign an affidavit that they were his true heirs. This stated clearly that he died at home in Rottington which was not the case. One wonders how much the children had been told or other people in the neighbourhood.

Mary and Ann both married schoolmasters of St. Bees School. Mary and her husband, Arthur Brewin, then moved to Giggleswick School near Settle in Yorkshire where they remained for the rest of their lives. They had many children with numerous descendants. One of their sons, Arthur, did a great service by our family history in writing to several relations in the 1920s and 30s and so getting their stories as to what had happened in previous generations.   Their children distinguished themselves in the church, army and colonial service.   One of the descendants of this family is Belinda Brewin, friend to Paula Yates the late British media personality, who has recently written her autobiography "Trouble Brewin" which contains photographs of herself and immediate family as well as some biographical detail.

Ann and her husband, John Macqueen, stayed in St. Bees where John remained a highly respected schoolmaster. They had two daughters, Mary and Annie, who remained unmarried and two sons, Archibald who became a schoolmaster like his father and married without, it is thought, any children and John Henry.  The latter became a farmer in Yorkshire, married twice and is the ancestor of Jane Privett and Kate Matheson.   John and Ann MacQueen are buried at St. Bees.

Mary and Ann were both made much of by their uncle Rev. Robert Coulthard, only brother of Martha and Alexander both of whom had died young. He was equally affectionate towards his nephew Robert Coulthard and family and treated them all as the children he never had. Rev. Robert married late in life and was a country rector in Berkshire. The families often came to visit him and he went back to see them whenever he could.

HENRY Born 5 January 1805 and baptised on 31st. After Clement’s death, Henry took over and the Hall stayed in his line. For Henry’s details, see below.

CATHERINE Baptised 23 March 1807. Buried January 1808.

ELEANOR Baptised 21 November 1808. Died 26 December 1899 aged 91

MARY Born 28 January 1811, baptised 3 February. Died 12 January 1903 aged 91

Eleanor and Mary never married. They lived together at Whinyeat and were collectively known as "the old ladies of Rottington" in old age. They were the two who helped bring up Clement and Martha’s children and fulfilled other useful functions as spinster aunts with a great fondness for their nieces and nephews and their children. Aunt Mary kept a notebook in which she recorded all the deaths in the family which has been a great help in sorting out who was who in this branch.


Henry was born 5 January 1805 and baptised on 31st. He was married on 5 July 1834 at St. Bees to Mary Dickinson of Loughrigg Farm near St. Bees. Henry was 29 and Mary 4 years younger. Her family was also connected to other branches of the Mossops and people who married into them. They were married by Rev. John Fox. This was probably Rev. John Fox, son of William Fox and Hannah Mossop or possibly his uncle, the Provost of Queen’s College, Oxford, who married Catherine Fox and Alexander Coulthard in 1827. The Provost was a very important man and the jewel in the crown of the Fox family. I think it was probably Rev. John Fox jnr as his name appears on other marriages around this time and was added, as are others, when the marriage was conducted by someone other than the vicar of St. Bees.

Henry and Mary had these children:

MOSES Baptised 20 March 1836. He farmed at Walker Gate, Above Derwent, some way to the north and died at Underhill, Thornthwaite in the same area in 1910. Moses married 1) Frances (Fanny) Turner and had 5 children of whom the youngest, Clement, died aged 5. I do not know if there are any descendants. Moses married 2) Margaret Mary, a widow named East, maiden name Smith, who had been a Matron at St. Bees School after the death of her first husband.

SARAH Baptised 2 December 1837. Died 1892. Married 5 June 1872 to Isaac Banks, who was her stepmother’s brother (see below). Isaac was then 52 and Sarah 34. They had 4 children.

JOHN Baptised 18 August 1839. He farmed at Calder Hall, Ponsonby and Wodow Bank in Beckermet St. John. Married 14 January 1874 to Elizabeth Anderson. They had 4 children, Mary, Isaac, Henry and Thomas. Henry was in the army during WWI and kept the title "Major" later becoming an accountant in Ulverston. Isaac had been left property by his father which he let out and later bought back Whinyeat and lived there. Thomas came back to farm at Rottington and later retired to Beckermet. John died 15 March 1912 and owned Oxenriggs, Grange Brow and Cringlethwaite but didn’t mention Rottington which might be covered in "all my other property". Mary and Isaac married but had no children. Henry had three daughters and Thomas two so in the end there was no male heir to take over the farm at Rottington which was sold.  John and Elizabeth's son Henry was the ancestor of Simon Brockbank.

MARY Baptised 24 April 1841. Married 1 June 1870 to William Whinnery Ormandy. They farmed near Tetbury in Gloucestershire and had 4 children.  Their daughter Margaret (Madge) married her first cousin, Isaac, son of John.

JANE Baptised 12 March 1843. Married 15 February 1871 William Parker of The Tarn farm at Bootle, Cumberland. William’s sister, Bridget, married Joseph Robinson (Joe) Fox son of William and Mary Ann (Cook). Their sister, Mary Jane, married John Danson Newton, a shipowner and best friend of Robert Coulthard, son of Alex and Catherine. Eventually Mary Newton and Percy Coulthard, children of the above, married and founded a large branch of the Coulthards in South Africa. Jane and William had two surviving children.

Henry’s wife, Mary, died in 1851 and subsequently on 29 September 1869 at Egremont, Henry married Ann Turner, a widow whose maiden name was Banks. It was Ann’s brother, Isaac, whom Henry’s daughter, Sarah, married in 1872. Henry had retired from the farm, probably about 1866 and lived in Lonsdale Terrace, St. Bees which was a fashionable address at the time. The farm at Rottington was most probably let during these years. Henry died on 15 November 1889 at Lonsdale Terrace, St. Bees.
Subsequent Years at Rottington

Henry’s sons did not farm Rottington though it was still kept in the family but probably leased out. However, two of his grandsons did live at Rottington, Thomas died on 9 July 1949 at Beckermet. Isaac died at Whinyeat on 4 May 1962 which he had bought back from outside the family. The farm was sold in 1956 to the Cottams and is still very much a working dairy farm.

The Walkers continued at The Orchard House into the earlier part of this century but that is another story.


William Cook of St. John Beckermet married Ruth Kitchin on 27 January 1731/2 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity. Their daughters and descendants by their various marriages formed a link between other families in the area.    The Cook family farmed "The Grange" at St. John Beckermet and where known the surviving daughters were all baptised and married at that church.

SARAH died aged 19 and is buried with her parents at St. John Beckermet.

RUTH Born c. 1732 and married 13 July 1756 to John Cook, probably a relation.  Their daughter, Eleanor married Isaac Mossop of Sella Park.

ELIZABETH Baptised 17 July 1738 and married 12 August 1760 to Thomas Herd

MARY Baptised 4 April 1740 and married 1 December 1761 to Henry Walker of Rottington

ELEANOR Baptised 24 September 1742 and married 4 February1766 to Thomas Pearson

HANNAH Baptised 13 November 1745  and married 12 February 1771 to John Barwise
(John baptised 17 October 1742 at Dean as "Barrows", son of Robert and Mary and NOT 8 June 1750 at Holme Cultram, son of John [1716-1814] and Margaret Rigg) as previously advised on these pages.   Ruth Barwise, their daughter was married in 1793 at Dean to her first cousin, Henry Walker, son of Henry and Mary above of Rottington. Christine Keitel is a descendant. 

ANNE Baptised 4 September 1748 and married 4 September 1770 to Clement Moscrop of Croasdale, Ennerdale. Anne died 4 June 1811 at Croasdale.   Clement was a descendant of Henry Mossop and Barbara Jackson of Beck Cote, Moses Mossop of Rottington’s uncle and aunt.

Three daughters were married before William Cook died on 6 August 1765 and three after.   His widow, Ruth, married Moses Mossop of Rottington on 22 May 1773 after his second wife had died the previous year.


Clement was the youngest son of Clement and Abigail of High Prior Scale, born 1709. He married Jane Sharp on 6 July 1734 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas.   Their family was amongst the most prolific in the Mossop dynasty.  Clement died 29 December 1788 at Prior Ling and was buried in the "old burying ground" of St. Bridget’s on 1st January 1789.  The "Cumberland Pacquet" newspaper reported that he was interred accompanied by a great number of descendants who amounted in the whole, including his widow, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to 98 persons. Jane died on 23 August 1805 and was also buried at St. Bridget’s.  

See Relatives Chart.

Clement and Jane had thirteen children:

JOHN baptised 24 Oct 1735 at Beckermet St. Bridget.   He married Anne Smith on 19 December 1756 at Ponsonby, both of them being "of Haile".    John and Anne had eight daughters but it appears no sons.   Their eldest child, Hannah, was born at Head of Haile and baptised at Haile 3 October 1757.  Their next, Mary was baptised 1 April 1759 at Ennerdale.   From on all their children were born at Cragg, Ennerdale and baptised at that church.   The next four daughters married as below.   The youngest two were Bella baptised 16 August 1772 and Fanny baptised 23 May 1775 who died less than two years later.

    ANNE baptised 17 October 1761 married John Jackson of Ennerdale on 14 June 1784 at Ennerdale and had nine children.   It is possible it was their grandson JOHN JACKSON who married ELEANOR MOSSOP, daughter of Clement Mossop and Mary Watson on 19 April 1845 at Arlecdon.

     JANE baptised 27 May 1764 married John Jackson of High Cockhow, Kinniside, Ennerdale on 19 November 1792 at Ennerdale.

     BETTY baptised 28 February 1767 married William Jackson of High Cockhow on 26 December 1787 at Ennerdale.

    ABBEY baptised 22 December 1769 married John Brownrigg on 27 September 1795 at Drigg.   They had 7 children at Drigg, one of whom they named  Abby.   Their son Jacob Brownrigg named one of his daughters Abigail.   Jacob and at least some of his family emigrated to America in the mid 1800s.

John was most probably the Husbandman from Cleator died 27 July 1802 aged 67 and buried Ennerdale.    I have no definite record of Anne's death at present but she may be the Anne Mossop of Whitehaven, aged 85, buried at Ennerdale 26 May 1817.

WILLIAM baptised 17 March 1737 at Ennerdale. At time of marriage lived in Prior Ling/ Cringlethwaite, parish of St. John Beckermet (Note: Prior Ling and Cringlethwaite are two separate farms so not sure why they are put together. Cringlethwaite was always owned by Moses Mossop of Rottington’s branch and passed down through generations of his family. William might have been renting it from them.) Died suddenly on 26 Aug 1817 at Cringlethwaite. His executors included William Fox of Abbey Farm St. Bees and Moses Mossop of Rottington. The Fox and Mossop families had intermarried by this time and this William Fox and Moses Mossop were brothers-in-law twice over having married each other’s sisters. This shows that the relationships with the other branches were kept up despite them moving around.

William married Mary Ponsonby on 9 August 1761 at Haile. They lived at Farwhaite, Ennerdale and had eight children with many descendants. One of their sons lived at High Leys, Lamplugh. See separate section for William and Mary.

ABIGAIL Baptised March 1740  Ennerdale. Died 26 Jan 1826 and buried at St. Bridget Beckermet with husband and his parents. Married 17 November 1764 at Haile to John Mossop, son of Henry and Mary of Beck Cote, Calder Valley. Eight children, below under Beck Cote section.

ELIZABETH baptised 25 December 1741 at Ennerdale. Married 9 June 1765 at Haile to Thomas Hunter. They had about eight children and lived in Ennerdale.

MOSES baptised 8 April 1744 at Ennerdale. I believe this was the Moses who married Mary Copeland 13 March 1768 at St. Bees and farmed at Mirehouse in that parish. Moses, Mary and three children have a headstone in St. Bridget’s churchyard close to other members of this family.

However a Clement of Mirehouse, St. Bees was buried at St. Bridget on 11 Dec 1764 with no age given. I do not know what, if any, connection he has with Moses of Mirehouse, St. Bees or from which family he came although there are possibilities.  This Clement was married to a widow named Elizabeth Wells in 1757 and had a daughter Betty the following year.   He had quite a substantial amount of money and stock when he died.  I can only presume it is a coincidence that Moses Mossop above took up the tenancy after this Clement died as I cannot find a likely relationship.

See separate section below for Moses and Mary of Mirehouse, St. Bees.

HANNAH baptised 5 April 1746 at Ennerdale.   She married Aaron Haile 5 May 1771 at Haile.  They had eight children.   Of these

        MOSES baptised 8 April 1772 married Mary Douglas and had six children.   Of these, Jane born c. 1809 had a son Moses Haile who became an Innkeeper at the Rising Sun, Haverigg and the King’s Arms, Muncaster.   He married Jane Lace and their daughter Mary Eleanor is the ancestor of Muriel Haile West who is researching the Haile line.

        AARON baptised 14 March 1779 at Haile married Mary Bell 27 October 1803 at St. Andrew’s, Penrith and settled in that town.   They had seven children of whom Aaron baptised 5 September 1813 married Sarah Huddart.   They had four children of whom Mossop Haile, baptised 6 September 1846 became         Headmaster of Bishop Middleham School, County Durham.   He married Maria Elizabeth Bellerby.   He was followed in this post by his son Alfred Haile and then by Alfred’s son Newton.  This is the line of Alan Haile.

        MOSSOP baptised 6 July 1783 at Haile had a son by Betty Long whom she named Mossop Haile Long, baptised at Gosforth 21 September 1804.   Mossop Haile Long was obviously highly educated as he became Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths for the St. Bees area and is also listed in an 1847 Directory at The Academy, Whitehaven.   In the 1851 census he is recorded as a Classical and Mech. Teacher.  It appears that Mossop Haile Long was in contact with his Haile relations as one of his books remains in that family.   He married Ann but no children are known.

        Mossop Haile may then be the one who married Sarah Hooper 21 October 1810 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.   It is a distinctive name in the right era.   There were several Haile families in Gloucestershire who might have been related but Mossop as a forename and surname is distinctively Cumbrian.

ISAAC baptised 29 July 1749 at Ennerdale. Yeoman at Church House, Ponsonby which was built for him by the Stanley family of Ponsonby Hall. Died October 1809 and buried at St. Bridget Beckermet. Married 3 March 1772 at Haile to Frances Southward. Eleven children, many descendants, well documented. Line of John V. Robinson and Marg Meldrum and the late Grant Dixon.   See section on Church House, Ponsonby 

MARY baptised 6 Nov 1750 at Ennerdale. Married 12 March 1781 at St. Bees (both of Ennerdale) to John Jenkinson, a paper maker. They had at least seven children.

CLEMENT born at Tortlecote, Haile and baptised 1753 at Haile. He became Rev. Clement Mossop and was curate of Ennerdale. He died at his parents’ home, Prior Ling on 21 May 1781 "after a lingering illness which he bore with great patience" and was buried on 23 May at St. Bridget Beckermet. He does not appear to have married.

HENRY born at Tortlecote and baptised 6 November 1755 at Haile. He married Jane Gaitskell on 16 December 1792 at Ponsonby. They had about six children and lived for a time in Irton before returning to Prior Ling.

JOSEPH born at Tortlecote and baptised 25 August 1758 at Haile. When he was twenty he was married on 13 September 1778 at St. Bees to Isabella Lewthwaite of the Paper Mills, Egremont, who was of the same age. Isabella died less than five months after the marriage on 9 February 1779 when her age was recorded as 18.

Joseph was married again less than three years later to Susan Kitchen on 29 April 1781 at Whitehaven St. James. Joseph was given as a husbandman of St. Bridget’s at this marriage but later became established as a butcher in Egremont. They had a large family shown in a separate section.

JANE born at Tortlecote and baptised 18 May 1761 at Haile. Died 1843 Thornholme. Married 29 January 1778 at St. Bridget Beckermet to Clement Mossop, eldest son of Charles and Anne (Williamson) of Low Prior Scale. They were second cousins, once removed. They lived at Gosforth and Low Prior Scales and had about ten children, seven surviving.

THOMAS born at Tortlecote and baptised 11 June 1763 Haile. Nothing further known.

William was the second son of Clement Mossop and Jane neé Sharp, baptised 17 March 1737 at Ennerdale. At time of his marriage to Mary Ponsonby on 9 August 1761 at Haile, he was living in Prior Ling/Cringlethwaite, parish of St. John Beckermet. William died suddenly at Cringlethwaite on 26 August 1817 and was buried at St. Bridget. He apparently owned Prior Ling which he said should be sold after his death but later it was occupied by his youngest son, Joseph. William’s son, Isaac, also had half a share in Prior Ling when he died in 1833 which he left to his son, Rev. Isaac Mossop. It appears that the brothers must have bought the farm jointly from their father’s estate and that Joseph then bought out his nephew’s half share to own it outright. Mary died in July 1825 at Ehen Side and was buried at St. Bridget.    Their children were:-

WILLIAM Born at Farwhaite, Ennerdale and baptised at Ennerdale 25 July 1762. Married Jane Braithwaite 23 January 1786 at Wasdale Head and had three children, Ponsonby baptised 25 February 1787 at Borrowdale became a yeoman at Cleator and remained unmarried; William baptised 28 February 1789 at Borrowdale married Dinah Southward in 1814 and had three children; Thomas baptised 24 July 1797 at Borrowdale married Margaret Lacklinson in 1821 and had nine children. Thomas was landlord of the Indian King public house in Egremont.

JOHN Born at Farwhaite and baptised 1 April 1764 at Ennerdale.   Married Eleanor Thompson 6 January 1795 at Egremont but it appears they had no children.  Eleanor died in 1833 at Carlton, Egremont.  In 1851 John was a widower lodging at the Park Head Inn, St. John Beckermet and he died there on 14 April1853.  He left all his property to the landlady of the inn and her daughter.

HANNAH Born at Farwhaite and baptised 28 January 1766 at Ennerdale. Died 25 October 1786 at Ehen Side and buried at St. Bridget.

SHARPE Born at Farwhaite and baptised 28 February 1768 at Ennerdale. Married Isabella Thompson on 12 November 1795 at St. Bees and had a son William. Sharpe died at the age of 30 at Ehen Side in July 1798 and his posthumous daughter Mary was baptised the following December. Isabella lived on to 1845.

WILLIAM, son of Sharpe and Isabella, married ANN ROTHERY 19 July1817 and they had ten children. Included in these was ISAAC, born at Moor Plat and baptised at St. Bees 21 January 1818. Isaac was married first on 1 November 1838 at Great and Little Clifton to Sarah Ross by whom he had two children. After her death he married Mary Rothery on 12 March 1850 again at Great and Little Clifton. Mary is believed to have been a first cousin. They had one son, John Rothery Mossop, baptised 23 November 1851 at St. Bees. Mary died very suddenly at Great Clifton on 24 February 1855 aged only 30. Isaac then married Ann Sewell on 14 November 1857 at St. Bees. Isaac himself was accidentally drowned seven months later on 18 June 1858 whilst bathing in the sea off Coulderton, St. Bees parish, where he lived at a house called Clifton. He was only 40 years old. Isaac, his first two wives and his elder son are all commemorated on a gravestone in St. Bees churchyard.

Another son of William and Ann, WILLIAM baptised 1 August 1824 at St. Bees became a tailor. He married Catherine McTroy 12 August 1848 at St. Bees. They lived in Finkle Street, St. Bees and had seven children. Of these, a son William was baptised 13 June 1852 again at St. Bees. He was also a tailor and married Margaret Graham at St. Bees on 9 November 1878. William and Margaret are ancestors of Brenda Pearce

MARY, daughter of Sharpe and Isabella, married JOHN SHARP, a shipwright, on 29 April 1820 at St. Bees.   Amongst their several children was MOSSOP SHARP born 1828, a tailor by trade like his cousin William Mossop.  He was a notable bell ringer at St. Bees for over 50 years.   A photograph of Mossop and a brief biography are given on the St. Bees website www.stbees.org.uk

ISAAC Born at Farwhaite and baptised 24 June 1770 at Ennerdale. Married Elizabeth and two children, Isaac and Sarah. Isaac was a yeoman at Ehen Side then at Low Mill near Egremont. He died at Bridge End, Egremont and was buried on 23 February 1833 at St. Bridget. He left his son, Isaac, his half share of Prior Ling.  The son Isaac, born at Low Mill and baptised 9 October 1802 at Egremont, became a clergyman and was vicar of St. Michael upon Wyre, Lancashire. He married Jane Grayson on 28 September 1836 at Egremont and had three children of which it appears only the middle son William Towerson Mossop survived to adulthood.    Jane died in early 1848 and Isaac subsequently married Ann Jackson a local farmer's daughter.

JOSEPH Born at Ehen Side and baptised 1 August 1774 at St. Bees. Married to Hannah with seven children. Farmed High Leys at Lamplugh where he died on 7th June 1842 and was buried at Lamplugh. His will was not proved until 1849. He left Prior Ling between two of his sons, William and Isaac but neither lived to prove the will and administration was given to his remaining son, Sharpe. Sharpe was a miller at Ulcoat, St. John Beckermet and then at Harker, Dearham.

SHARPE, son of Joseph and Hannah was born c. 1806 in Beckermet although the 1881 census gives a birth date of c. 1804. The brother before him was baptised 1804 at St. Bridgets and the sister after in 1809 at Cleator. It appears to be a strange fact that children born when their parents were in the middle of moving often slipped through the baptism net.  See below for more details of Sharpe.

MARY Born at Ehen Side and baptised (as Mally) 11 February 1776 at St. Bees. Married John Caddy on 9 November 1801 at St. Bees and had at least three children.

CLEMENT Born at Ehen Side on 28 February and baptised 14 March 1779 at St. Bees.  I had previously thought he was the one who married Hannah Routledge in 1805 at Whitehaven but the circumstances much better fit his cousin Clement, son of Joseph and Susan of Egremont.   In the interim I do not know what happened to this Clement.   He was not mentioned in his father's comprehensive will.

JANE Born 24 November at Ehen Side and baptised 23 December 1781 at St. Bees. Married on 15 June 1805 at St. Bees to Joseph Cook and had three children, Ruth, William and Mary. Joseph was the brother of Eleanor Cook who married Isaac Mossop of Sella Park. Joseph died 30 April 1858 at The Grange, Beckermet St. John, the Cook family farm, and Jane on 30 April 1858. They were both buried at St. John. None of their children married.

RUTH Born 1 June 1784 at Ehen Side and baptised 4 July at St. Bees. Married Lawrence Angle on 16 February 1807 at St. Bees. Lawrence was Steward of the Works at Low Mill, St. Bees parish. They had ten children. Their surname was also sometimes written as Angell.

In his will their father William Mossop of Cringlethwaite, late of Ehenside, left legacies to each of his living children and each of his living grandchildren from those who had predeceased him, mentioning all by name.


Sharpe was the third son of Joseph and Hannah and grandson of William Mossop and Mary Ponsonby born c. 1806 in Beckermet although the 1881 census gives a birth date of c. 1804. He married Sarah Stavely, daughter of John, on 7 February 1843 at St. John Beckermet.  Sharp was a Miller at Ulcoat Mill, Beckermet St. John at marriage.   In 1881 they were living at Howrigg, district of West Newton and Allonby with their two youngest children. Sarah apparently predeceased Sharpe who died at Howrigg, Bromfield on 3 June 1882. His will was not proved until 1886 and it is noted that his son Sharp, the sole Executor, had then reached the age of 21. I do not have a full copy of the will. Sharpe and Sarah’s children were:-

HANNAH baptised 25 April 1843 at St. John Beckermet.

JOSEPH baptised 14 September 1845 at Great and Little Clifton. He married Elizabeth Dempster of Whitehaven and they had about nine children. They lived at the Robin Hood Inn in Distington. Joseph and Elizabeth are ancestors of Christine Featherstone. Joseph and Elizabeth subsequently moved to Middlesbrough. Their twin sons, Maxwell James and Joseph, were born 11 July 1881, after five others and with two more yet to be born. Joseph junior died on board H.M.S. "Indefatigable" at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916. He is wrongly identified on Commonwealth War Graves as James as his birthdate, obviously the same as his twin Maxwell James, probably led to confusion, especially as MJ was also in RNR. His name is rightly recorded on the Cenotaph in Middlesbrough.

SARAH baptised 2 April 1848 at Dearham. She died on 9 September 1858 very suddenly of "Scriatina" (Scarlatina?) according to the "Cumberland Pacquet" newsapaper and was buried at Camerton.

RUTH baptised 26 June 1851 at Dearham. She died two days after her sister Sarah on 11 September 1858 of the same disease and was also buried at Camerton. The "Cumberland Pacquet" commented that they were the two daughters of Mr. Sharp Mossop and greatly lamented by their parents.

ELEANOR baptised 15 January 1854 at Camerton.

MARY baptised 22 June 1856 at Camerton.  May have died as an infant.

ELIZABETH baptised 22 February 1861 at Camerton. Living at Howrigg with her parents in 1881.

SHARP baptised 14 June 1863 at Camerton. Living with his parents at Howrigg in 1881. He was a Signal Man at Aspatria when his father’s will was proved and later at Little Broughton. He was first married to Frances Chicken in 1885 and they had two children, Sharp junior and Mary Hannah, before Frances died in 1895.

Sharp senior married a second time as a widower on 11 May 1896 at Great Broughton to Eda Watson. His address was then given as Limefoot, Great Broughton. They had at least four children, Emily, Eda, Eleanor and Percey and probably more after 1901 census.

Sharp junior emigrated to the USA, arriving 12 March 1909 on board the "Mauretania".  His name is commemorated on the Ellis Island Wall of Honour.


This Moses is presumed to be the third son of Clement Mossop and Jane Sharp. He was baptised 8 April 1744 at Ennerdale. He married Mary Copeland 13 March 1768 at St. Bees and farmed Mirehouse in that parish for several years. He, Mary and three children, John, Hannah and Thomas have a memorial stone at St. Bridget Beckermet. This links their moving to Ponsonby about 1784 and then back to Walton, St. Bees between 1790 and Moses’ death there in August 1800. The stone, read in the 1930s, contains this information.

MOSES died 10 August 1800 aged 55

MARY died 1816 aged 69

HANNAH their daughter, died 1799 aged 16

THOMAS their son, died 1799 aged 14

JOHN died 1830 aged 58

The St. Bridget burial records have not been found to contain reference to Moses though the burials of the rest of his family are recorded, Mary noted as being from St. Bees. John, their eldest son had been living at Winscales, St. John Beckermet. The Paquet newspaper of 12 August 1800 reported Moses death as follows:- "Sunday last at Walton, near St Bees, Mr Moses Mossop, in an advanced age. He had attended Egremont Market, the previous day." It would seem the paper was erroneous in one respect as Moses was only aged 55 but it does not appear that it could be any other than him. Mary died 16 January 1816 at Low Walton.

The children of Moses and Mary were probably:-

JANE born at Mirehouse and baptised 7 November 1769 at St. Bees.

JOHN born at Mirehouse and baptised 7 July 1772 at St. Bees. Died at Winscales, St. John and buried at St. Bridget Beckermet 30 April 1830. Apparently unmarried. Was the first named bondsman on his mother’s probate administration documents.

ELIZABETH born at Mirehouse and baptised 20 August 1774 at St. Bees. Probably married, as Betty, to William Caddy on 4 July 1796 at Ponsonby where the family had lived. Nine children.

CLEMENT baptised 30 September 1777 at St. Bees.   The Parish Registers give his name as Robert who didn't appear to exist but the Bishop's Transcripts confirm the name as Clement.  He was the second named bondsman on his mother’s administration document although his relationship to her is not stated.

Clement married Mary Wilson on 7 February 1803 at St. Bees and was a butcher at Sneak Yeat and then at Preston How in St. Bees parish. They had seven children, Christopher and Elizabeth being named for his wife’s parents, Moses and Mary for his presumed own and the latter also his wife, Hannah his deceased sister, Clement self and grandfather and Joseph the name of one of his and one of wife’s brothers. The latter two died as infants. Christopher was married to Nancy and lived in Liverpool. MOSES married Sarah Little and was an Innkeeper in Whitehaven. HANNAH married Christopher Dickinson 20 November 1847 at St. Bees and these were ancestors of Joy Daffon.

JOSEPH born 25 October 1779 at Mirehouse and baptised 19 November 1779 at St. Bees. He married Agnes Thompson of Threlkeld, Cumberland. They had seven children and lived in Bridekirk.  Of their sons JOSEPH born 1811 at Bridekirk married Mary Skillcorn 23 May 1836 producing a family of 10 children.   Several of their sons became Coal Miners with JOSEPH born 1841 and MOSES born 1854 moving to the Durham Coalfields and giving rise to extensive families in that area.   JOSEPH was the ancestor of William W. Mossop who took his stepfather's name of Robinson after his father's death and mother's remarriage.   He has written a book "A Pathfinder's Story" giving an account of his War Hero father JACK MOSSOP's RAF exploits.  MOSES was the ancestor of John W. Carr.

ISAAC No baptism record has been found but the signs are that he belongs to this family and was possibly born in the gap between Joseph at St. Bees and Hannah at Ponsonby. He married Alice Thompson 27 February 1804 at St. Bees. There is no evidence that Alice and his brother’s wife Agnes were related. Their children were John, Isaac, Mary, Jane and Moses. Isaac was a husbandman at Low Walton which places him in the area in which his presumed parents spent the last years of their lives. He then moved and farmed at Gilcrux. Of their children

JOHN born at Low Walton and baptised 9 April 1805 at St. Bees, married Sarah Hope on 20 December 1828 at Plumbland. They had about nine children.  Of these, JOSEPH born 1835 served as a soldier with 43rd Royal Artillery.   He married Kate and had three children born in India.  In later years he became a School Attendance Officer in Maryport.   This line has been researched by John Pritt.

ISAAC baptised 2 September 1807 at St. Bees, married Mary Brayton on 29 March 1836 at Moresby. They had about seven children. He was a Spirit Merchant in Moresby but died aged 39.

MARY born c. 1810 at Gilcrux, married John Noble on 12 September 1830 at Gilcrux. No baptism has been found for Mary but this was the only Mossop family living in Gilcrux at the time. Also in the 1841 census her eldest son Isaac Mossop Noble was in the house of Mary’s presumed father and brother. Although no relationship is given it seems to indicate that she belonged to this family. John and Mary had ten children though at least one died young. In 1851 they lived at Hunter How, Lamplugh but in 1854 emigrated to Canada. Sadly, Mary became ill on the voyage and died shortly afterwards. Lee Swart is descended from their son Mossop Noble aged 1 on 1851 census. However there is a slight discrepancy in that Lee gives his birth as 27 April 1850 at Whitehaven whereas IGI only has one baptism for Mossop Noble on 27 May 1849 at Lamplugh. Another descendant of this couple is Kelly Lockard.

JANE baptised 30 May 1813 at Gilcrux, married Joseph Hope, brother of Sarah, on 5 October 1833. They lived at Cleator and had seven children though nearly all died as children or young adults. Before he died aged 32, their son Edward had married and had two daughters. The younger, Alice, is the ancestor of Paul Thompson.

MOSES baptised 21 January 1816 at Gilcrux, married Jane Telford 18 July 1841 at Bridekirk and they had nine children Moses farmed Woodside at Great Broughton and died 3 July 1861 at Moorside, Flimby aged only 45. Jane survived him until late 1889 when she died at Standing Stones. In her very touching will she left each of their children a specific personal item by which to remember their parents, George receiving "his dear father’s watch". George married Tamar Crellin and is an ancestor of Alan Mossop, one of two Mossop researchers of that name.

HANNAH born 23 May 1784 at Ponsonby and baptised there on 30 May. She died in November 1799 and was buried on 8 November at St. Bridget Beckermet. It is not known whether the family were still living in Ponsonby or had moved back to St. Bees by this time. From these dates she was 15 rather than 16 when she died as the gravestone was read.

THOMAS baptised 19 August 1787 at Ponsonby. He only survived his sister Hannah by a fortnight being buried at St. Bridget’s on 22 November 1799. He was 12 rather than 14 when he died as the gravestone was read.

MARY born at Ponsonby Old Hall and baptised on 5 December 1790 at that parish church.   Mary married Chambers Boadle 28 July 1810 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas.   They had 13 children with several descendants, amongst them Marjorie Duckworth, Alan Haintz and Jan Keeling


Moses was the second son of Clement Mossop and Mary (Wilson).   He was born at Hensingham, probably Sneak Yeat where his parents settled, and baptised at St. Bees on 14 December 1807.   On 9 May 1829 at St. Bees he married Sarah Little, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Dale).   The witnesses were Sarah’s brother-in-law, Joseph Rothery, and Moses’ uncle or cousin Thomas Wilson.   Sarah had been born in Braystones and baptised at St. Bees 13 April 1807.

At various times Moses is recorded as a Husbandman of Sandwith, Innkeeper of King Street, Whitehaven and Agricultural Labourer of Port Hamilton near St. Bees.  

Moses was buried on 7 May 1857 at St. Bees.   Sarah lived on until early 1881 when she died aged 73.   She spent the latter years of her life with her sister Elizabeth Rothery and her husband Joseph in Whitehaven.

They only appear to have had three children who were:-

CLEMENT        Born at Sandwith and baptised at St. Bees 8 October 1829.  
Clement left home at a fairly young age and married Christina (various spellings) Jarrard in Liverpool in early 1849 when he was still only 19.   He became a Cab Proprietor and Driver in Kirkdale in the city and was followed in this by at least one son.   They had about six sons and one daughter, one of the boys dying young.  Clement and Christina are ancestors of Judy Foster.

JAMES    Born at King Street, Whitehaven and baptised 6 Oct 1833 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity.   Nothing more is heard of him and he may be the James who died Q4 1844 in Whitehaven Registration District.

CHRISTOPHER    Born at Hensingham and baptised there 27 November 1836.
Christopher trained as a Stone Mason and emigrated in 1858 on board “Senator” to Melbourne, Australia where he initially carried on this trade before running a hotel and eventually becoming an Inspector of the Board of Works.

On 18 February 1868 at St. Paul’s, Melbourne he married Mary Ann Quin.  They had eleven children of whom some died young.    

Christopher and Mary Ann are the ancestors of Fiona Haddon.




Although Isaac was a son of Clement and Jane (Sharp) this branch of the family merits a separate section.

As we have seen, Isaac was baptised 29 July 1749 at Ennerdale, their fourth son and became a Yeoman at Church House, Ponsonby which was built for him by the Stanley family of Ponsonby Hall. On 3 March 1772 at Haile he was married to Frances Southward (Fanny Suddard). They had eleven children with many descendants, well documented. This continues the line of Clement Grant Dixon, John Vernon Robinson and Marg Meldrum. Their children were:-

MARY Born c. 1772. Might possibly be the Mally baptised 13 September 1772 at Haile, daughter of Isaac and Frances of Wilton. Mary died 2 April 1791 at Church House, Ponsonby.

ELIZABETH Born c. 1774. First named daughter in mother’s will and Mary had died. Married 14 April 1800 at Ponsonby to Thomas Banks. One known son, Isaac Mossop Banks born 11 March at Blackling, Egremont and baptised at Egremont on 12 November 1809.

JANE Born c 1776 if third child. Married John Dixon according to her mother’s will.

FANNY Born 28 December 1779 at Catgill Hall, Egremont (acc. CGD). Married on 2 January 1799 at Ponsonby (as Frances) to John Lindow, a joiner. Two children, Jonas and Mary mentioned in their grandmother’s will. Fanny had apparently died before the will was made in 1812.

Marg Meldrum has updated this to say that Fanny died 1803, John Lindow 1809 and Jonas Lindow 1815, leaving Mary without any immediate family, her mother having died when she was aged 4, her father when aged 10 and only brother when aged 17. However, she was left property by a Lindow great-uncle plus the money left by her grandmother Frances Mossop. Mary had a daughter Frances (1815-1863 who married William Huddart and is the ancestress of Marg Meldrum) and subsequently married Isaac Jenkinson on 18 August 1817 at Egremont, having a large family. The Lindow family included Ironmasters at Cleator and were therefore influential in the locality. Mary and her daughter Frances appear to have been well provided for.

CLEMENT Born 26 October 1780 at Catgill Hall (CGD). Died 20 September 1792 at Church House. There is a baptism at Egremont 26 December 1777 for a Clement son of Isaac but not one for 1780. No record in St. Bridget’s burial register. Information from gravestone.

JOHN Born 29 December 1781 at Catgill. Baptised 27 January 1782 at Egremont. Married 8 February 1812 at Ponsonby to Ann Wilson. Eight children detailed below. Took over at Church House Farm but may have been at Farmery in 1814 when brother Thomas married. Two of Thomas’ witness were John Mossop of Farmery and William Mossop of Church House.

ELEANOR Born c 1783 at Church House, Ponsonby? Died 13 February 1784 at Church House (CGD) and buried at St. Bridgets on 20 February 1784 aged 1 year.

NELLY Born 2 February 1784 at Church House. Her sister, Eleanor, died 11 days after so she was probably named for her. Baptised 7 March 1784 at Ponsonby. Not in mother’s will so presumably had died before 1812.

WILLIAM Born 14 August 1788 at Church House. Baptised 14 September at Ponsonby. Married 3 April 1826 at Egremont to Frances Bragg. Six children. William became the Miller at New Mill, Ponsonby but may have been farming Church House in 1814 when his brother Thomas was married. William died on 28 March 1869 and is buried at Ponsonby with his wife and two sons. Of William and Frances’ children, Hannah married Thomas Hill. Their son William married Mary Robinson sister of Joseph who married Mary Mossop of Green Moorside and Robert who married Hannah Mossop of Thistleton.

ISAAC Baptised 19 January 1790 at Ponsonby. Died 25 February 1790 at Church House and buried at St. Bridget’s.

THOMAS Born 5 July 1792 at Church House. Baptised 8 July at Ponsonby. Married on 4 April 1814 at St. Bridget’s to Jane Irwin of that parish. Thirteen children listed below. Thomas appears to have been a farmer at Low Ling Bank, Gosforth after marriage but later became a Cow Doctor living at Moss Side, St. Bridget’s. He died on 23 Aug 1850 at Blackbeck Hill, St. Bridget’s.

Isaac was buried on 10 October 1809 at St. Bridget’s. Administration of his estate was given to his widow Frances, son John and Matthew Gibson, Officer of Excise at Whitehaven. Frances died on 28 May 1816 and was buried with Isaac. Their gravestone also records their children Mary, Clement, Eleanor and Isaac.

There is a bond attached to Isaac’s administration dated 22 April 1821 which says that Frances left the estate unadministered. This administration was given to their son John, then of Church House.

John, eldest surviving son of Isaac and Frances, took over Church House farm. He and Ann (Wilson) had eight children.

FRANCES Baptised 17 January 1813 at Ponsonby. Died 26 March 1830 at Church House and buried at Ponsonby.

ISAAC Baptised 11 May 1814 at Ponsonby. Married 13 February 1836 at St. Bridget’s to Jane Bateman of that parish. The witnesses were Elizabeth Bateman and John Mossop. Jane was the daughter of Isaac Bateman and Elizabeth (Mossop) which latter came from a Gosforth family.  Yottenfews is now the research farm for Sellafield Power Station.  Isaac and Jane had thirteen children, several of whom died young.  Joan Hicks is a great-granddaughter of their daughter Hannah who married Robert Robinson.  Isaac farmed at Sella Park, St. Bridget’s and Scarbrow and Thistleton at Gosforth.  

JOHN Baptised 29 September 1816 at Ponsonby. Married 16 November 1850 to Eleanor Tordiff.  John took over Church House farm from his father and died there on 8 February 1899 aged 82, at that time the oldest tenant of the Ponsonby Estate.  Eleanor died two months later on 11 April.  They had two sons, John born 1853 and William born 1858.  John continued to farm Church House and was unmarried at the age of 48 on the 1901 census although a transcription of his gravestone when he died in 1908 calls him "husband of Elizabeth".   William married Mary Ann Birkett of Gosforth on 27 November 1886.  They had three sons, John in 1887, Birkett in 1888 and William Clement in 1895 who died at the age of 7 weeks.  Mary Ann died the year later in March 1896.  On the 1901 census William and his two surviving sons were living with brother John at Church House.   William married again in 1906 to Mary Southward of Ravenglass.  They had a daughter, Eleanor Mary, in 1907 who was the mother of Ruth Whatmough.  John and Birkett, the sons of his first marriage, missed their mother very much.  They saved up the 24 each needed for the fare to New Zealand and emigrated there in 1911, both becoming farmers and never returning to England.   John married and had two sons, neither of whom married.  Birkett had four children of whom two married and whose descendants still live in New Zealand.

MARGARET Baptised 28 December 1818 at Ponsonby. Married 6 May 1838 at Ponsonby to John Porter of Calder Abbey.

ANN Baptised 15 April 1821 at Ponsonby. Had an illegitimate daughter recorded as Ann baptised at Ponsonby on 25 February 1843. She then must have married William Muncaster shortly after as their marriage was registered Q1 1843 in Whitehaven R.D.   Ann is recorded on her parent’s gravestone as the wife of William and I have her date of death as 11 April 1844 though apparently it is nearly illegible.   On the 1851 census a child Mary Muncaster aged 7 is living with her aunt and uncle John and Eleanor Mossop at Church House.   One presumes therefore that there was either a mistake in the baptism register or her name was changed.   There is no birth registration for either Ann nor Mary but she was subsequently known by the latter name.

WILLIAM CLEMENT Baptised 20 July 1823 at Ponsonby.   Died 23 January 1847. Recorded on parent’s gravestone.

THOMAS Baptised 22 January 1826 at Ponsonby. Married Mary Atkinson. Seven children detailed below. Thomas farmed at Green Moorside, St. Bridget’s. Seven children including Mary who married Joseph Robinson and emigrated to New Zealand. This is John V. Robinson’s line.

CLEMENT Baptised 1 July 1828 at Ponsonby. Married Ann Poole and had three children detailed below including Fanny who married Joseph Dixon. Clement became landlord of the Golden Fleece Inn at Calder Bridge. The late Grant Dixon’s line.

Ann died 20 January 1829 aged 36 when Clement was less than a year old and the eldest child, Frances, only 16. Frances died a year later leaving Margaret as the next eldest girl only 11 years old. John died on 11 April 1841 and in the census for that year their unmarried children are living together at Church House with John, the eldest at home then 24, recorded as the farmer. By that time Isaac and Margaret had married and moved away.

John and Ann are buried at Ponsonby and recorded on their gravestone are three of their children Frances, Ann and William Clement.


Isaac was the eldest son of John and Ann of Church House, Ponsonby and married Jane Bateman on 13 February 1836 at St. Bridget’s. Their family was:-

JOHN Born 16 November 1836 at Sella Park, St. Bridget’s. Baptised 18 December 1836 at St. Bridget’s. Farmed Thistleton after his father.

ANN ELIZABETH Born 4 September 1838 at Sella Park. Baptised 1838 at St. Bridget’s. Died 8 April 1894 aged 55 and interred in Loweswater Churchyard.

ISAAC Born 31 March 1840 at Scarbrow, Gosforth. Baptised 26 April 1840 at Gosforth. Died 29 November 1871 in Chicago and buried in Rose Hill Cemetery there.

CLEMENT Born 25 December 1841 at Scarbrow. Baptised 23 January 1842 at Gosforth.

JANE Born 1 September 1843 at Scarbrow. Baptised 1 Oct 1843 at Gosforth. Was unmarried in 1891 at the age of 47.

FRANCES Born 17 March 1845 at Scarbrow. Baptised 13 April 1845 at Gosforth. Had an illegitimate son, Joseph Henry, baptised at Gosforth on 4 August 1867 who appears on the 1881 census as a godson or grandson. Frances died on 22 September 1867 aged 22 less than two months after Joseph Henry was baptised. Third of three sisters to die within four days.

WILLIAM Born 18 August 1846 at Scarbrow. Baptised 8 November 1846 at Gosforth.   Died 24 April 1868 aged 21. Buried in Whitehaven Cemetery.

MARGARET Born 15 November 1848 at Scarbrow. Baptised 24 December 1848 at Gosforth.

HANNAH Born 23 April 1850 at Scarbrow. Baptised 2 June 1850 at Gosforth.   Married 23 November 1881 in Gosforth Wesleyan Chapel to Robert Robinson.   4 children, Clement, Robert, Hannah and Lizzie. Several descendants. Robert Robinson was the brother of Joseph who married Hannah’s cousin Mary.

BRIDGET Born 5 May 1852 (John Robinson has April). Baptised 13 June 1852 at Gosforth.   Died 19 September 1867 aged 15. First of three sisters to die within four days.

THOMAS Born 21 May 1854. Baptised 18 June 1854 at Gosforth. Died 26 April 1883 aged 28

MARY Born 3 January 1856 at Gosforth. Baptised 3 February 1856 at Gosforth.   Died 20 September 1867 aged 11. Second of three sisters to die within four days.

Jane died on 4 March 1861 when the children were aged between 24 and 5. Isaac died on 22 March 1887 at Thistleton. Both parents and all children shown above with death dates are recorded on a tablet inside Gosforth Church.


Thomas was the fourth son, third surviving, of John and Ann of Church House, born 1826. He married Mary Atkinson 10 March 1855 at Ponsonby. Mary was baptised at Whicham on 3 August 1834 daughter of Thomas and Mary, though her family probably moved to Ponsonby when she was quite young. Mary’s maiden name is taken from the birth certificate of one of their children. Thomas farmed at Green Moorside in the parish of St. Bridget and was on the Electors’ List there from 1861 to 1870. By 1909 he appears to have retired to Bankfield, St. Bridget’s which property he owned. Their family was as follows:-

ANN (Annie) Born c. 1855 probably at Green Moorside. No baptism found but Annie was of full age when she married William Taylor on 27 December 1876 at St. Bridget’s. They had at least one child, Margaret.

THOMAS ATKINSON (Tom) Baptised 1 December 1857 at St. Bridget’s. Died 30 March 1880 aged 22 unmarried.

MARY Baptised 21 April 1860 at St. Bridget’s. Married Joseph Robinson on 20 December 1881 at Ponsonby when he had returned from New Zealand for the wedding of his brother Robert to Mary’s cousin Hannah, daughter of Isaac and Jane of Thistleton, Gosforth. They returned to New Zealand where Joseph farmed and had six children, Robert, Mary Lizzie, Thomas Mossop, Joseph, John James and Henry William. Mary is said to have worked for a doctor relative before she married, possibly her third cousin Dr. Isaac Mossop of Bradford, and was renowned for her medical skills. In addition, after Joseph’s death she successfully managed their farm. Line of John V. Robinson.

MARGARET Baptised 19 April 1862 at St. Bridget’s. Married on 21 February 1898 at St. Bridget’s to Thomas Barwise.   Thomas was a distant cousin and worked on her father's farm.  Margaret was 35 and Thomas 23 when they married and children were born. Margaret died 22 January 1908 at Braystones, parish of St. Bees.

JOHN Baptised 19 March 1864 at St. Bridget’s. He married Bridget Harrington, a distant cousin through the Mossop line, on 18 February 1896 at St. Bees.   They had two children, Thomas and John Harrington.

LIZZIE JANE (Lydia Jane in IGI but Lizzie Jane on gravestone) Baptised 1 April 1866 at St. Bridget’s but died in infancy.

ELLEN AGNES Baptised 29 January 1878 at St. Bridget’s was a much younger child by some twelve years. Married 23 April 1907 to John Plummer, a butcher of White Croft, Gosforth. Ellen gave her abode as Bankfield, St. Bridget’s and the elector’s lists of the time appear to confirm that the family had moved there by that date.   John and Ellen had two children, John and Mary who apparently carried on the butcher's shop but did not marry.

Thomas died on 12 February 1910, presumably at Bankfield and Mary only four days later on 16 February. They were buried at St. Bridget’s, Thomas being given "of Green Moorside" which one presumes was the farm for which he was best known. Their gravestone also records their children Thomas Atkinson, Margaret wife of Thomas Barwise and Lizzie Jane died in infancy.


Clement was the eighth and youngest child of John and Ann Mossop of Church House, Ponsonby. He was baptised 1 July 1828 at Ponsonby, married Ann Poole and had three children detailed below including Fanny who married Joseph Dixon. Ann was born in Dumfriesshire but met Clement whilst working as a lady’s maid to the Stanley family at Ponsonby Hall. Clement became landlord of the Golden Fleece Inn at Calder Bridge. Their three children were:-

FANNY Born 12 March 1857 at the Golden Fleece. Baptised April 1857 at Ponsonby.   She married Joseph Dixon and had six children, Jane, William Clement, Ada, Ernest, Elsie Mossop and John Laurence. William Clement was the father of Grant Dixon. There are several descendants from this line and the family still own a department store in the middle of Whitehaven.

WILLIAM Born 2 March 1859 and baptised 9 April 1859 at St. Bridget’s.

JOHN Born 19 September 1860 and baptised 21 October at St. Bridget’s. Married 8 June 1898 at St. Bridget’s to Elizabeth Alice (Lizzie) Brown on whose father Joseph’s farm he worked at Prior Ling in the Calder Valley. They were given the house Monkwood on the opposite side of the river on condition that they had an elderly relative, Miss Brown, to live with them. John was shown on the 1909/10 electors’ list as being eligible to vote by virtue of occupying a dwelling house at Prior Ling. John and Lizzie had one daughter, Ann Isabel (Annie) who was married on 27 March 1937 at St. Bridget’s to Alexander Eaton Forest, a motor driver of The Lodge, Eaves Hall, Waddington, Lancs. She gave her abode as Monkwood.

Clement died on 7 April 1871 and Ann on 6 December the same year.


Thomas was the youngest son of Isaac and Fanny of Church House Ponsonby. He married Jane Irwin on 4 April 1814 at St. Bridget’s. First, Thomas farmed at Low Ling Bank, Gosforth but later moved to Moss Side St. Bridget’s where his profession is given as Cow Doctor. In later years he moved to Blackbeck Hill, St. Bridget’s. Their family was as follows:-

FRANCES Born Low Ling Bank and baptised 19 February 1815 at Gosforth. Given in PRs as daughter of Thomas and Sarah but no other children for that couple and name and date fit in with this family. Married Henry Caddy 13 March 1835 at St. Bees.   3 children.

ANN Born Low Ling Bank. Baptised 15 July 1816 at Gosforth (CGD). This is not on my prs. IGI has a Jane, daughter of Thomas and Jane baptised 10 July 1816 which is not on my prs either.   This child probably died as an infant.

JANE Born Low Ling Bank on 2 March 1818 (CGD). Baptised 8 March 1818 at Gosforth.

MARY Born Low Ling Bank on 22 Aug 1819 (CGD). Not on my prs or IGI.   Married 27 February 1849 at St. Bridget Beckermet to Stephen Hartley.

ISAAC Born Moss Side 24 April 1821 (CGD). Baptised 10 June 1821 at St. Bridget’s. Isaac is probably the Iron Miner of Church Lane, Egremont in the 1851 census who married Jane Chorley and had six children, Jane Ann, Dorothy, Mary, Frances, Isaac and Esther.   After Jane died, Isaac married again to Eliza Rooney and had a son John.    In 1881 Isaac junior was Registrar and Relieving Officer at Milnthorpe, Westmorland.   He had married Ellinor Barlow and it is probably this couple who had a brief tenure as Master and Matron of the Workhouse there.  

SARAH Born Moss Side 11 September 1823 (CGD). Baptised 12 October 1823 at St. Bridget’s.   Married Walker Branthwaite 6 June 1841 at Lamplugh and had eight children.   She later married Isaac Huddart and had another son.

WILLIAM Born Moss Side 19 June 1825 (CGD). Baptised 25 July 1825 at St. Bridget’s. Became a Stonemason at Blackbeck Hill, St. Bridget’s (where his father Thomas died). Married Elizabeth Agnew on 26 November 1850 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity and had eleven children. See below.

THOMAS Born Moss Side 4 June 1827 (CGD). Baptised 27 June 1827 at St. Bridget’s. Married Jan Wilson 15 November 1851 at St. Bees.   Two children, Elizabeth married Isaac Hodgson and John who married Elizabeth Corkhill and had two children.

JOHN Born Moss Side 6 June 1830 (CGD). Baptised 4 July 1830 at St. Bridget’s.   Was a Provision Merchant in Liverpool, married to Ellen.

MARIA Born Moss Side 16 January 1833 (CGD). Baptised 17 January 1833 at St. Bridget’s.

ELIZABETH Born Moss Side 6 June 1829 (CGD). Baptised 6 June 1829 at St. Bridget’s.

MARGARET Born Moss Side 16 April 1835 (CGD). Baptised 17 May 1835 at St. Bridget’s.

JAMES Born Moss Side 13 July 1837 (CGD). Baptised 15 July 1837 at St. Bridget’s.   Lived in Liverpool.

I presume Grant Dixon (CGD) had the birth dates from family information.

Thomas died at Blackbeck Hill on 23 August 1850. Jane died on 30 September 1880 (or 30 August from other information). They are buried together at St. Bridget’s with no children recorded on their gravestone. Thomas is given as "of Blackbeck Hill".


William was the son of Thomas Mossop and Jane Irwin, born Moss Side on 19 June 1825. He married Elizabeth Agnew on 26 November 1850 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity. William was a Stone Mason and lived at Blackbeck Hill until about 1859 when they moved to Quarry Brow, Gosforth. William died at Gosforth of acute appendicitis on 19 May 1884 and was buried at St. Bridget Beckermet. Elizabeth survived until 4 August 1910 when she was living at Whitecroft, Gosforth. She was also buried at St. Bridget’s. Their family was:-

TOM Born 1851 at Blackbeck Hill and baptised 21 September 1851 at St. Bridget’s. Married Mary Ellen Drake on 28 August 1875 at St. Bridget’s. In 1871 he was a joiner’s apprentice but by 1875 a farmer at Cleator Moor. In 1881 he was living in St. Bees with his wife, children and a brother and sister. They had four children born in Cumberland of whom one died young. Tom then emigrated to Australia where he saved for his family to join him. Two further daughters were then born out there. One of these, Elizabeth, became Leonie Copeland’s grandmother.

ELIZABETH Baptised 7 May 1853 at St. Bridget. Died 7 October 1871 at Gosforth, buried at St.Bridget

ROBERT Baptised 15 October 1854 at St. Bridget. Married to Sarah with one son. Emigrated to Australia where he died in 1885.

WILLIAM Baptised 24 February 1856 at St. Bridget. Died 9 March 1870 at Gosforth and buried at St. Bridget.

WILSON Baptised 18 March 1858 at St. Bridget. Not at home in 1871 or 1881.

JOHN Born 1859 at Quarry Brow, Gosforth and baptised 24 April at Gosforth.

GEORGE Born Quarry Brow and baptised 5 August 1860 at Gosforth. Mason’s apprentice in 1871 and 1881.

JANE Born Quarry Brow and baptised 14 April 1863 at Gosforth. Not at home in 1871 or 1881.

CHARLES HENRY Born Quarry Brow and baptised 27 November 1864 at Gosforth. In 1881 he was a joiner’s apprentice living in St. Bees with his brother Tom and his family.

CHRISTIAN AGNEW Born Quarry Brow and baptised 9 September 1866 at Gosforth. In 1881 living with brother Tom at St. Bees. Married Mayson Penn. Great-grandmother of Nick Balshaw.

FRANCES Born Quarry Brow and baptised 12 April 1868 at Gosforth.



Joseph was the seventh son of Clement Mossop and Jane (Sharp) born at Tortlecote and baptised 25August 1758 at Haile. After a brief first marriage to Isabella Lewthwaite, ended by her death, he was married again to Susan Kitchen on 29 April 1781 at Whitehaven St. James. Joseph was a husbandman of St. Bridget’s at this marriage but soon became a butcher in Egremont. He had retired by the time he died "very suddenly" in October 1829. His age was given as 75 though he was only about 71. Susan lived to the age of 83, dying in December 1836. Their children were:-

CLEMENT baptised 2 September 1782 at Egremont. He became a Miller at Ehenside near Egremont and when he was only 23 married Hannah Routledge at St. James, Whitehaven on 2 February 1805.   She was the daughter of Andrew and Hannah Routledge of Cleator and gave her address as Low House Mill at marriage. Hannah was aged about 25 and was a few months pregnant when they married.   Clement was taken ill immediately after the wedding ceremony and died some eight days later.   Hannah's father had been dead for a while but she evidently went back to her mother at Cleator where their son Joseph was born later that year and thereafter his birthplace given as Cleator and the date as 1805 though no baptism has been found.  

Hannah married again to Joseph Caddy on 1 April 1813 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity and they had a daughter, Hannah, baptised 21 July 1814 at  Hensingham whose second marriage to Anthony Dalzell of Stainburn gave rise to twins, Tom and John Dalzell, left substantial legacies in her half brother Joseph Mossop's will.   Joseph Caddy died as Hannah married for a third time to Isaac Spedding and had two children, Mary and Isaac  Mary married Joseph Dalzell, brother of her half-sister Hannah's husband.   Louise Thompson is researching the Dalzell line.

Joseph Mossop was farming at Ehenside in the 1851 census and the next year married his house servant, Jane Jackson, at St. Bees.   Jane was 39 when they married and it appears they had no children.  They moved to Goosebutts, Hensingham where Joseph died on 27 July 1863.   He was buried at Cleator next to his mother and her family.   Jane evidently survived him as she inherited all his property, apart from legacies to his sister Mary Dalzell and nephews John and Thomas (Tom) Dalzell, for life after which it went to Isaac Spedding, Joseph's half brother.

MARGARET baptised 4 September 1784 at Egremont. May be the Margaret who died in 1848 at Egremont with no other details given.

JANE baptised 26 September 1785 at Egremont. She may be the Jane Mossop who died in October 1785 at Beyond Bridge or the one who married Jonah Sewell 25 January 1822 at Egremont. No children have been found for the latter marriage and there is no evidence either way.

BETTY born 1787 and buried 7 April 1789 at Egremont.

SALLY baptised 8 July 1789 at Egremont.  She married John Lewthwaite, who was a nephew of her father's first wife, 3 March 1814 at Whitehaven St. James.  They had seven children.  Sally was sometimes recorded as SARAH. 

JOSEPH baptised 8 September 1790 at Egremont. He was a farmer of Watson Hill, Egremont and married Ann Fletcher 20 November 1822 at Arlecdon. They had nine children.   This is the line of Lara Ekkel through their daughter Susan.

WILLIAM born about 1793 and buried 10 March 1794 at Egremont.

WILLIAM baptised 16 August 1794 at Egremont and buried there 22 April 1797.

ISAAC born 7 September 1795 and baptised 4 October 1795 at Egremont. married Sarah Nicholson at Arlecdon 13 July 1817. Isaac became a shipwright in Whitehaven.  Details of Isaac and Sarah’s marriage and descendants are below.

JOHN baptised 20 May 1797 at Egremont. He only lived for four days.

MOSES baptised 13 September 1798 at Egremont and buried the same day.


From Joseph Mossop’s second marriage to Susan Kitchen, Isaac was the fifth but third surviving son born 7 September and baptised at Egremont 4 October 1795. He married Sarah Nicholson 13 July 1817 at Arlecdon.

Isaac was a Ship’s Carpenter at Whitehaven and several of his sons followed a similar trade. It was a tragic life for Sarah who lost her husband and three sons by drowning as was recorded on a gravestone in St. James’ churchyard at Whitehaven. Isaac himself died 23 April 1853 in what, from a newspaper report, appears to have been a needless tragedy when he was one of fourteen drowned from the "Richmond" off St. Bees Head as she was returning to Whitehaven for repairs. Isaac was probably one of the shipyard carpenters who had been sent further down the coast to effect temporary repairs to her leaking hull. Although she could have made Whitehaven in safety, some of the carpenters had panicked and taken to the ship’s boat. One of them cut the rope fall before the boat had hit water and all fell into the sea with tragic consequences for most.

The children of Isaac and Sarah were:-

JOHN According to the register born at Low Harris and baptised 26 June 1818 at Whitehaven St. James. Nothing further is heard of John and there is ample reason to suspect he did not exist and that this entry should be for Clement.

CLEMENT No baptism entry exists for Clement but his life is well documented and his marriage certificate gives his father as Isaac, Shipwright. On the reverse of the gravestone to Isaac and his sons is a memorial to Elizabeth, wife of Clement and their son Clement. Clement senior’s marriage to Elizabeth Delaney, and the baptism and subsequent burial of their son Clement is documented. From family papers belonging to Hugh Mossop it is almost certain that Clement was born in 1818 so unless he was an unrecorded twin of John, it is likely that there was a mistake in the baptism register.

Clement married Elizabeth Delaney 1 March 1842 at Whitehaven St. James and had six children. Elizabeth died 5 April 1854 and Clement subsequently married Agnes Lowden 3 April 1858 again at St. James. There appear to have been no children from this second union.

Clement began his career as a Ship’s Carpenter as was his father but progressed to become a Master Mariner and eventually Captain of ships in excess of the tonnage of the "Cutty Sark".

Further details of Clement and his family are given below.

ANTHONY Baptised 12 March 1820 at Whitehaven St. James. He was a Ship’s Carpenter but obviously sea going as he died 7 March 1850 at Bahia, Brazil. He left a wife Margaret (Scott) and three children, the youngest of whom was baptised after his death and died as a young child as did another child later.  Their remaining son ISAAC,  baptised Lamplugh 1 March 1846, became variously a miner, shoemaker and limestone quarry worker.   He married 1) Sarah Cook in 1866, and had Anthony 1867 and Mary 1869.  MARY married Lawrence Farrell in 1889 and they became ancestors of Irene Dunning.  Sarah died around 1871.   Isaac then married Frances Johnston from Haile in 1874 and had four further children, Margaret 1875, Isaac Wilfred 1878, John 1880 and Martha Isabella Frances 1883 before Frances died in 1887.  ISAAC WILFRED married Elizabeth Ann Davey in 1904 and they are ancestors of Mary Louise Mossop and sisters Dolores Newman, Maureen Cook and Paulette Mossop.  JOHN  married Hannah Barwise Piper on 29 Jan 1906 at Workington St. John and they had about ten children of whom three died young.   John lost his life in a mining accident at Haig Pit, Whitehaven on 2 May 1927.   John and Hannah are the ancestors of Ruth Carbis.

ISAAC Baptised 10 November 1822 at Whitehaven St. James. He was drowned on 20 March 1843 at an unspecified location.

WILLIAM Baptised 8 January 1826 at Whitehaven St. James. He died at sea from the "Elizabeth Moore" between Whitehaven and Valparaiso on 2 July 1851.

From the above it can be seen that if there were really only four sons of this marriage, Clement, Anthony, Isaac and William, that three of them had already died before their father.  On 1871 census Sarah was living with Clement and family in Moresby where it appears she died in late 1872 just a few months after the death of her only surviving son.  

Clement was born 1818 in Whitehaven, son of Isaac Mossop (Shipwright) and his wife Sarah (Nicholson). His early career was as a shipwright but he progressed to become a Master Mariner in ships owned by the Brocklebank Brothers of Whitehaven, which later became the famous shipping company of Liverpool.

Clement died in June 1872 in Calcutta when he was Master of the "Candahar" and was buried on 29 June at the Dissenters Burial Ground, Circular Road, Calcutta. All his children had been baptised in the Church of England so there is no reason to suppose he had been a non-conformist himself unless he had expressed a preference of denomination prior to his death.

Clement married Elizabeth Delaney 1 March 1842 at Whitehaven St. James and they had six children. After Elizabeth’s death on 5 April 1854 Clement married Agnes Lowden 3 April 1858 presumably leaving his children in care of relatives in the meantime whilst he was away at sea..

The children of Clement and Elizabeth were

ISAAC Born 16 January 1845 at 98 Duke Street, Whitehaven and baptised at St. James on 26 January. Isaac studied medicine in Edinburgh and became a highly respected doctor in Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire. He married Janet Bain Christie 26 November 1873 in Edinburgh and they had about eleven children. Hugh Mossop is their grandson.  Hazel Hester and her sister Wendy Weaver are their great-great granddaughters and Alastair Atkinson their great-great grandson.  A daughter Gladys married Dr. Norman West-Watson 13 June 1913 at St. Luke’s, Manningham and he took over his father-in-law’s practice. His brother was Rev. Campbell West-Watson, Archbishop of New Zealand. Isaac was most probably the doctor whom John V. Robinson’s grandmother Mary talked about as being related to their family and from whom she had gained some medical knowledge. This also ties in with the Robinsons having a connection to the West-Watsons and seafarers in the family.

JOHN Born 13 July 1846 at Duke Street, Whitehaven and baptised 2 August at St. James.

MARY Born 23 March 1848 at George Street, Whitehaven and baptised 17 May at St. James. Died 5 October 1870.

SARAH ANN Born Duke Street, Whitehaven and baptised 3 February 1850 at St. James.

ELIZABETH JANE Born 6 October 1851 at Duke Street, Whitehaven and baptised 1 February 1851 at St. James. Married Archibald Kitchen, chemist of Whitehaven. Archibald’s mother was a Fox of St. Bees who were related by other marriages to the Mossops at Rottington. Archibald and Elizabeth Jane had at least four children.

CLEMENT Born c. 4 September 1853 in Whitehaven and baptised 12 September at St. James. Died 25 September 1853 and buried in St. James Churchyard where there is a memorial to him and his mother on the back of his grandfather Isaac Mossop’s gravestone. Clement was born and died about five months after his grandfather’s untimely drowning.



Henry was the youngest son of William Moscrop of Prior Scale, born c. 1652. He married Barbara Jackson in 1685. Barbara was the daughter of a local farming family at Broad Leys farm, Haile and others in the vicinity. Like others, the Jacksons intermarried with several families in the neighbourhood.

Henry and Barbara lived at Beck Cote in the Calder Valley which descended through their branch.

WILLIAM I can find no evidence of this child. He is not in father’s will nor baptisms but someone must have put him down on an original Mossop chart so I have left him in pending further information.

SARAH buried 17 August 1687 at Haile

CLEMENT born 1688. Died 1732. Continued at Beck Cote. Married 1) Elizabeth (Grayson?) c. 1710. Two children - see below. After Elizabeth died, Clement married his cousin Anne Curwen, probably having another wife in between.

ELIZABETH born c. 1690. Married Joseph Fearon. Lived Whinfell, Brigham

HANNAH born c. 1693. Married John Boulton. Lived Embleton

ISAAC born c. 1695. Nothing further known

HENRY born c. 1702. Nothing further known

BARBARA baptised 4 January 1704 at Beckermet St. Bridget

Henry Mossop senior died at Cockermouth in 1719 and his widow, Barbara, at Riggs, Wythop in Lorton in 1734. Her executor was her son-in-law John Boulton. It appears that Henry and Barbara had left Beck Cote to make way for their son, Clement, who was married about 1710 and moved north to be near their married daughters.


Clement married 1) Elizabeth (Grayson?) c. 1710 and had two children:-

HENRY Baptised 29 July 1711 at Calder Bridge  Henry married Mary Marston 2 September 1735 at Embleton and continued at Beck Cote.

ANNE Baptised 9 June 1713 Calder Bridge. Nothing more known.

Clement’s wife, Elizabeth, was buried on 3 May 1715 at St. Bridget. It appears that Clement must have then made a brief second marriage to an Ann who was buried as his wife on 22 July 1718 again at St. Bridget.

Clement married thirdly Anne Curwen 14 January 1720 at St. Bridget Beckermet. Clement’s mother, Barbara Jackson and Anne’s, Dorothy Jackson, were sisters and so Clement and Anne were first cousins. The names and ages of their children are the result of a complete piecing together of the baptism and burial registers of St. Bridgets plus Clement’s will but appear to be:

BRIDGET 1720 Died infant

BARBARA 1722-1723


BARBARA 1724 Died infant

ISAAC 1725-1818 most probably the Isaac who married Jane Norman and died at High Broad Leys Haile and therefore ancestor of Marshall Mossop. Several other lines of descent. It is some of Isaac’s children who appear to be mentioned in the complicated will of John Benson of Bridge End, Beckermet St. John proved 1831.

CHARLES 1726 Died infant


Dorothy, Isaac and Hannah were the only ones to survive infancy.


Henry was the only son of Clement’s first marriage to Elizabeth (Grayson?). When his father died in 1732 he was just under 21 with a younger sister, Anne, two half-sisters Dorothy and Hannah and a half-brother Isaac aged between 9 and 5. There was also his widowed stepmother, Anne. Henry continued at Beck Cote.

It appears that Clement had taken out a mortgage on Beck Cote with his Jackson relations in order to provide for Anne and their younger family. He entrusted Henry with redeeming this mortgage which he evidently did as Beck Cote remained in the family. Henry’s younger half-brother, Isaac, in later years, was at High Broad Leys, Haile - a Jackson farm - which suggests that this side of thee family provided for him.

Henry married Mary Marston 2 September 1735 at Embleton.   They had four children below plus Henry who died as an infant in 1746.:-

DEBORAH Born c. 1739. Died 3 August 1786. Married 19 July 1757 at Beckermet St. Bridget to Joseph Benn. They had at least five children of whom at least three did not survive to adulthood. Joseph remarried after Deborah’s death and had a daughter, Marjorie.

ISAAC Born c. 1742. Lived at Sella Park. Married 20 Oct 1779 at St. John Beckermet to Eleanor Cook. They had nine children with several descendants. Two of his sons moved to Arlecdon. See continuation below.

JOHN Born c. 1745. Died 6 August 1808. Married 17 November 1764 to Abigail, daughter of Clement Mossop and Jane Sharp. See continuation below.

MARY Born c. 1746. Married 19 December 1773 at St. Bridget Beckermet to John Mann. At least one daughter.

Mary senior died on 17 July 1780. Henry died in 1783 and left Beck Cote to John and money to his other children. No doubt Isaac was already set up at Sella Park.


Isaac was the eldest surviving son of Henry and Mary of Beck Cote, born c. 1742. He was married on 20 Oct 1779 at St. John Beckermet to Eleanor Cook. Eleanor was a granddaughter of William and Ruth Cook of Beckermet, born at Middle Coulderton and baptised at St. Bees on 17 May 1757. Her youngest brother, Joseph, later married Jane Mossop, daughter of William and Mary neé Ponsonby of Ennerdale and Ehen Side. Her aunt Anne was married to Clement Mossop of Croasdale, Isaac’s second cousin through the Beck Cote line. Isaac and Eleanor lived in St. Bridget Beckermet parish and specifically at Sella Park from 1794 onwards. Isaac died at Sella Park on 30 September 1807 and was buried at St. Bridget’s. Eleanor lived to the age of 96 when she died on 27 April 1852 at her married daughter, Mary Jackson’s house at Bigg Croft, Arlecdon. Isaac and Eleanor’s family were as follows:-

HENRY C. Born 24 August 1780 and baptised 10 September at Beckermet St. John, recorded as plain Henry though his father’s will gives the second initial. He became an Inn Keeper at Calder Bridge, name of public house not specified. He married Margaret Heslop and they had two children, Eleanor baptised 30 May 1806 at St. Bridget and Joseph baptised 21 October 1808 at St. Bridget who died at the age of 12. Henry died in 1825 followed a few months later by Margaret. Eleanor, then 19, elected her maternal grandfather, Peter Heslop, as her guardian.

JOHN Born 2 November 1782 and baptised at St. Bridget on 24 November.   Married Mary Benson 8 August 1807 St. Bees and had six children.   See continuation.

ISAAC Born 22 February 1785 and baptised 20 March at St. Bridget. Died 16 September 1792.

JOSEPH Born 23 July 1787 and baptised 12 August at St. Bridget.

HANNAH Baptised 26 December 1789 at St. Bridget. Married Arthur Larkin 31 March 1811 at Arlecdon.

CLEMENT Born 19 January 1792 and baptised 22 January at St. Bridget. Married Mary Watson 10 February 1816 at Arlecdon and had eleven children. Farmed at Arlecdon and died there on 28 February 1864. Mary had died in November 1860.   Keith Alexander Simpson’s line. See continuation.

MARY Born at Sella Park and baptised 31 July 1794 at St. Bridget. Married Henry Jackson 4 August 1827 at Arlecdon and had at least three children. Lived at Bigg Croft, Arlecdon where her mother died.     Ancestors of Julian Gill.

ISAAC Born at Sella Park and baptised 17 November 1797 at St. Bridget. Married Elizabeth Herd 20 December 1823 at Lamplugh. They lived at Arlecdon and had eight children. Isaac died in June 1884, Elizabeth having died in April 1871. Buried at Arlecdon.

RUTH Born at Sella Park and baptised 7 May 1800 at St. Bridget. Died 6 March 1801.

ELEANOR Born at Sella Park and died shortly after.

JANE Born about July 1808 and died in January 1809.


John was the second son of Isaac and Eleanor of Sella Park, born 2 November 1782.   He married MARY BENSON 8 August 1807 at St. Bees and they had six children.

Mary was the elder sister of Darcy Benson who later married Mary Mossop of Ennerdale.   John Mossop and Mary Mossop of Ennerdale were fourth cousins.   The children of John and Mary were

ELEANOR born Ehenside and baptised 8 Feb 1808 at St. Bees. Probably died young as another Eleanor born.

ELIZABETH born 1 Aug 1809 Ehen Side, baptised St. Bees 17 April 1809

ISAAC born Beck Cote 6 April 1811 Beck Cote, baptised 7 April 1811 St. Bridget Beckermet.  Beck Cote was the property of his father’s cousin Isaac Mossop (son of John Mossop and Abigail Mossop) who lived elsewhere.   Presumably John was renting or managing the farm for Isaac.
This ISAAC (born 1811) was most probably the Mariner of Egremont who met his death on board the “Nithsdale” on passage from Liverpool to Scotland when he fell from a great height onto a horsebox and died of his injuries shortly after in August 1844.

ELEANOR born Beck Cote, baptised 11 April 1813 St. Bridget. Most probably the one married in 1842 at Egremont to John Sanderson, a mariner from Whitehaven.   They had two daughters, the only known descendants of this line.   At the marriage, Eleanor was described as the daughter of JOHN, Farmer.   John was already dead by then and it appears from various other records that the family moved to Egremont.    On the census, after her marriage, Eleanor states her birthplace to be Haile but there was no Eleanor, daughter of John, baptised there around that time and no evidence of a John having any children baptised there then.   As Beck Cote is a farm bordering on Haile parish, I have presumed, until any contradictory evidence is found that Eleanor described her birthplace as such. 

MARY born Beck Cote, baptised 1815 St. Bridget

JOHN born Ehen Side, baptised 2 Nov 1817 at St. Bees died in June 1841 at Egremont after a long illness.

JOHN died in 1821 and was buried 17 April at St. Bridget’s, aged only 38.   As his children were too young to take over a farm, I believe the family moved to Egremont where Eleanor was married and John junior died.

I have no record of what happened to John’s wife Mary, nee Benson.


Clement was the fifth son born to Isaac and Eleanor of Sella Park on 19 January 1792 and baptised 22 January at St. Bridget. He married Mary Watson 10 February 1816 at Arlecdon where he continued to live and farm for the rest of his life. Mary died in November 1860 and Clement on 28 February 1864. Both were buried at Arlecdon. Their children were:-

FRANCES Baptised 11 January 1817 at Arlecdon. Died November 1834.

ISAAC Baptised 28 October 1817 at Arlecdon.  He became a Farmer and then a Miner.  He married Margaret Cowx 28 October 1843 at Arlecdon and they had a son Clement baptised 24 March 1844 at Brigham.  Margaret died in February 1846 at Arlecdon aged 24.   Isaac then married Ann Sandwith in late 1848 and had five more children.  Ann died at or shortly after the birth of their youngest, Jane, around August 1856.   Jane herself died the following year.  Isaac died at the age of 40 and was buried 15 January 1858 at Arlecdon.  On the 1861 census his orphaned children from both marriages are living either with their grandfather Clement Mossop at Arlecdon or their grandfather Jonathan Sandwith in Harrington.   Of Isaac's children, Clement born 1844 married his first cousin, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Hannah.  Frances born 1849 married Thomas Cowx, the nephew of her father's first wife.  Ann baptised 9 October 1853 at Arlecdon, married William Hewitson. They are great-grandparents of Keith Alexander Simpson and great-great grandparents of Peter Hewitson.   

JAMES Baptised 28 October 1818 at Arlecdon. I am not convinced that he existed and this is not a mistake of name and date for Isaac above. Nothing more is heard of James.

JOHN Baptised 4 March 1821 at Arlecdon. Married at Arlecdon on 7 April 1849 to Mary Williamson with eight children. John was a husbandman at Frizington in 1866 and a mason’s labourer at Whitehaven in 1881. He died at Winder, Arlecdon on 5 April 1901 and was buried at Arlecdon. Mary died in 1905.

JOSEPH Baptised 3 August 1823 at Arlecdon. Married 26 December 1846 at Arlecdon to Hannah Taylor with six children of whom Mary married her first cousin Clement, son of Isaac and Ann. Joseph was a farmer at Wythmoor Head near Distington and at Winscales near Workington. Hannah died 30 May 1870 at Workington and was buried at Arlecdon. Joseph died 27 February 1889 at Wythmoor Head and was also buried at Arlecdon.  Their son Joseph and his wife Hannah Sarah Furness are ancestors of Jon C. Cooper.

ELEANOR Baptised 11 September 1825 at Arlecdon. Married 19 April 1845 at Arlecdon to John Jackson of Eskat, Ennerdale.

CLEMENT Baptised 2 December 1827 at Arlecdon. Married 30 September 1854 at Cockermouth to Elizabeth Taylor and had ten children. They lived at North Mosser, Low Hall at Mosser, Brigham and Blindbothel.

HENRY Baptised 28 March 1830 at Arlecdon and buried there 31 December 1847.

MARY Baptised 18 April 1832 at Arlecdon. Married 30 July 1854 at Arlecdon to Henry Nixon.

WILLIAM Baptised 16 May 1834 at Arlecdon. Living with parents in 1841 and 1851 but not apparent on the 1881 census in Cumberland.

WATSON Baptised 23 October 1836 in Arlecdon. Married 15 September 1866 at Arlecdon to Frances Frears Wood and had five children. He inherited his father’s farm at Arlecdon and died in November 1882 at Branthwaite, Dean. He was buried at Arlecdon aged 46. Frances had already died in July 1880 at Dyan Side, Distington aged 41 and was also buried at Arlecdon.   As their children were still quite young when their parents died it is believed that CLEMENT born 1868 at Arlecdon emigrated to Victoria, Australia arriving on "Chimbrazo" in September 1886 at the age of 18.  On the 1891 census the two youngest, FRANCES and HENRY, were with their Wood grandparents at Arlecdon.  The two middle girls ELEANOR and MARY were working in the area as servants.  Sometime before 3 February 1899 Henry must also have emigrated to Australia as on that date he was appointed a probationary constable in the Victoria Police Force.  He had a distinguished career, rising to Superintendent in January 1934 a few months before he retired.  He died in 1952 at St. Kilda having married and had two children James Walton Mossop and Mollie whose married name was Hamilton.  Mary may have been the Miss Mary Mossop who emigrated to Melbourne on "Liguria" leaving London on 12 July 1895 aged 23 although she would have been slightly older.  Frances continued living in Arlecdon and was working for her Wood uncles on their farm at Arlecdon in 1901.   Eleanor became the second wife of Robert Mattocks living with him, their children and her stepchildren at Schoose Farm, Workington in 1901.


John was the second surviving son of Henry and Mary of Beck Cote born c. 1745. He married Abigail Mossop from the High Prior Scale line on 17 November 1764 at Haile. They went to live at Hollins Farm, Lamplugh and had the following children:-

HANNAH Baptised 13 October 1765 at Lamplugh. Married 7 March 1784 at Haile to Joseph Rothery.  This is the Rothery line of Maggie Blyth, descended from their eldest son John born 1786, Barbara Walmsley descended from their eldest daughter Jane born 1784 who married Henry Benn, Paul Scott descended from their son Mossop born 1795, Gillian Griffiths and Ian Robinson with siblings and cousins descended from their son William born 1793.   Christine Firth is also believed to descend from this couple through a daughter Hannah born c. 1804 who married William Pattinson.

ISAAC Baptised 19 July 1767 at Lamplugh. Died 1837-8 at High House, Gosforth, the inherited house of his wife, Betty Hartley, whom he married 17 July 1791 at St. John Beckermet. Isaac and Betty had one daughter, Elizabeth, who died aged 22. He inherited Beck Cote from his father in 1808. Isaac asked his Trustees to sell or rent Beck Cote and pay the proceeds to his sisters Mary and Jane. It was probably sold as there is no mention of it in the family after Isaac’s death. Isaac was alone after his wife's and daughter’s deaths. He died accidentally after assisting a workman in cutting down a tree which fell on him.

MARY Baptised 11 February 1769 at Lamplugh. Married her 3rd cousin, William Mossop, son of Charles and Anne of Low Prior Scale. 10 children. See Low Prior Scale section (line of Bob and Jim Southward).

JANE Baptised 17 April 1771 at Lamplugh. Married Abraham Southward.   4 children.

JOHN Baptised 25 April 1773 at Lamplugh. Married 1 January 1794 at Haile to Jane Armer. Lived Ehenside, St. Bees and later Ullock, Dean.  4 children. See continuation.

HENRY Baptised 24 December 1775 at Haile (family now living at Brayshaw). Buried 31 January 1781 at Haile.

CLEMENT Baptised 18 February 1781 at Haile. Married 23 July 1804 at St. Bridget Beckermet to Ruth Carr. Lived at Stubble in Drigg and the Warren and Hall Senna at Gosforth.

Clement and Ruth had only one son, John, who died aged 16.   They had about seven daughters of whom Abigail, the eldest, married 7 February 1829 at Gosforth to John Tyson having previously had a daughter Ruth in 1827 who survived only a few days and Sarah, the youngest, married Joseph Wilson on 29 November 1846.  Joseph and Sarah are ancestors of Diane Burkhalter.

Another daughter, Ruth had a son John baptised 3 April 1835 at Gosforth. It appears to be this John who was working for a local farmer in 1851, his mother having died some years previously. Ruth subsequently married John Jackson, a blacksmith at Irton, on 13 May 1837 at Drigg. They had four children, Clement who married Bridget and continued as a blacksmith, Thomas who married Elizabeth Smallwood and became an Iron Miner at Cleator, Sarah who died aged 13 and Mary.

After Ruth died John Jackson married again to Jane Steward on 10 May 1845 at Drigg and they had a son John.

Thomas and Elizabeth were ancestors of John Jackson of Wisconsin. They had four children of whom Robert emigrated to the United States.

ABIGAIL Baptised 1 August 1784 at St. Bridget Beckermet. Her father had now inherited Beck Cote. Married to Joseph Bragg, a Sickle Maker and Blacksmith.  They had about seven surviving children and moved frequently around various parts of Cumberland.   This is the line of Alan Harrison and Thelma Renney.

John died on 6 August 1808 and Abigail on 26 January 1826.


JOHN was the second son and fifth child of JOHN MOSSOP and ABIGAIL, born Hollins Farm, Lamplugh and baptised 25 April 1773 at Lamplugh.   He married JANE ARMER 1 January 1794 at Haile.   They had four children as follows:-

ABIGAIL Baptised 8 March 1796 at St. Bridget Beckermet.
Married William Scott 23 November 1850 at Dean, fifteen months after her father died, when she was aged 53.   This is the only marriage which fits an Abigail, father John in Dean at that time.   She inherited £10 from her father and the household goods after her mother died.

JOHN  Baptised 30 May 1798 at St. Bridget Beckermet
Died July 1826 at Ehenside, St. Bees parish, and buried 5 July 1826 at St. Bridget, after a protracted illness.

HENRY Born Ehenside and baptised 29 August 1806 at St. Bees.
Married 9 Feb 1829 at St. Bees to ELEANOR GLAISTER.  The Glaisters were another local farming family and her mother Hannah, neé Walker was related to the Walkers of Rottington, who in turn were related to the Mossop family there.   Eleanor’s sister Hannah was also married to William Cook, a nephew of Eleanor Cook who had married Henry’s grandfather, Isaac of Sella Park.   Henry and Eleanor had seven children.   See continuation page

ISAAC Born Ehenside 5 July 1809, baptised 9 July at St. Bees.   Nothing more is heard of Isaac and he is not mentioned in his father’s will so it is presumed that he had died.

JOHN MOSSOP and JANE had moved to Ullock, Dean some time between 1826 when their son John died at Low Ehenside and 1838 when John’s brother Isaac died and this abode was given in the will.   It was probably when or shortly after their son Henry married and took after the farm at Ehenside.   John died there on 30th August 1849 aged 77 whilst Jane lived to March 1857 aged 83.

John left his property for life to his widow Jane and said that the proceeds of the property should go thereafter to his daughter-in-law Eleanor for the maintenance of her and her children and thereafter to her children.   If Eleanor remarried the money was to be banked until the youngest child reached 21 and then divided between them except for Henry who inherited the real estate.   In fact Eleanor remarried to John Atkinson of Kelton Head, Lamplugh, some eight years her junior, before the 1851 census.   It appears that they had no children of their own and Eleanor’s son Henry continued to farm Kelton Head.


HENRY was the only surviving son of John Mossop and Jane of Ehenside and Ullock, Dean.  He was born Ehenside and baptised 29 August 1806 at St. Bees.   Married 9 Feb 1829 at St. Bees to ELEANOR GLAISTER.   Their children were:-

JOHN born Nethertown, baptised 27 September 1829 St. Bees.   Died 13 December 1835 at Low Ehenside of measles and buried 15 December at St. Bridget Beckermet.

JANE born Ehenside, baptised 25 March 1832 St. Bees.

ELEANOR born Ehenside, baptised 7 February 1836 St. Bees.

HENRY born Ehenside, baptised 4 June 1837 St. Bees.  Married Mary Dale and had 6 children.   Henry farmed Kelton Head, Lamplugh, his stepfather’s farm, although he had inherited his grandfather John Mossop’s property at Ullock, Dean.    From information supplied by Louise Thompson, it now appears as though Kelton Head belonged to the Dale family of which Mary was a member.    It may then have been that Henry's  stepfather, John Atkinson, had only been renting it.

JOHN born Ehenside, baptised 24 May 1840 St. Bees.  John married twice although his first marriage has not been found.   His second to BETSY LOCKE on 4 June 1870 at Deanscales produced 12 children several of whom emigrated to Canada whilst others remained in Cumberland.  John farmed Gill at Lamplugh and died at Home Farm, Deanscales.   John and Betsy are ancestors of Neil Galbraith, David Thompson and Julie White.

HANNAH born Ehenside, baptised 2 October 1842 at St. Bees.

ELIZABETH born Ehenside, baptised 4 August 1844 at St. Bees.  This was after her father died although no mention was made in the baptism register.   Her father HENRY died c. June 1844 and her grandfather John Mossop made his will to this effect in July 1844 by which time he knew that the child was a girl.

As above, Henry died c. June 1844 at Ehenside and his widow remarried JOHN ATKINSON of Kelton Head, Lamplugh some time before 1851 census.  I have yet though to find the correct marriage.   On the 1851 census the four youngest children are with John and Eleanor at Kelton Head whilst Eleanor is with her great-uncle and aunt Jacob and Elizabeth Glaister at Nethertown, St. Bees.


Isaac is presumed to be the only surviving son of Clement of Beck Cote and his third wife, Anne neé Curwen, his first cousin through the Jackson line. He was born about 1725 and although no baptism record has been found, he appears in his father’s will. He lived at High Broad Leys, Haile which was a Jackson family farm and it is presumed that this side of the family provided for him when his father died. His elder half-brother, Henry, inherited Beck Cote on which a mortgage had been taken out with the Jackson family. Isaac was married to Jane Norman on 7 February 1748 at Ennerdale. Jane died at High Broad Leys on 20 January 1804 and Isaac on 18 June 1813. After Isaac’s death High Broad Leys was advertised for letting by Richard Jackson and it appears that Isaac Mossop’s youngest son, Isaac, took over the tenancy. Isaac and Jane were buried at Haile. Isaac also had tenant rights on an estate at Croasdale, Ennerdale which he passed to his eldest son, Clement. The children of Isaac and Jane were:-

CLEMENT Baptised 26 July 1750 at St. Bridget. He married Anne Cook on 4 September 1770 at St. John Beckermet. Anne was a daughter of William and Ruth Cook of The Grange, Beckermet St. John. Clement and Anne had eight children, see below. Ann died 4 June 1811 at Croasdale and Clement on 2 August 1822 at Croasdale. They were buried at Ennerdale.

JOHN Born November 1752 at High Broad Leys, Haile and baptised 15 April 1753 at Haile. Married on 23 November 1777 at Haile to Mary Bragg. Three children, Isaac who married Frances Hellon and had six children; John died as an infant; Daniel married Isabella Mossop from an unconnected family of Blackbeck, St. John Beckermet/Haile and had three sons who all died young. 

HANNAH Born at High Broad Leys and baptised 30 May 1755 at Haile. Married John Haile on 30 March 1778 at Haile and had five children of whom Ruth married her fourth cousin John Mossop son of Christopher and Fanny of Ennerdale.

ISAAC Born at High Broad Leys, which he farmed after his father, and baptised 9 May 1757 at Haile. Isaac did not marry until the age of 53 and his wife, Jane Elliot was herself about 41 years old. They married on 12 August 1810 at Haile and had one daughter, Jane born at High Broad Leys and baptised 10 November 1811 at Haile. Before he died, Isaac must have purchased Scot Hole at Gosforth. Jane died there in October 1827 and Isaac in September 1832. Both were buried at Gosforth. Their daughter, Jane, inherited Scot Hole from her father.    She married George Roper Lawrence and had at least seven children.  George Roper Lawrence and Jane Mossop are ancestors of Stephanie Spencer.


Clement was the eldest son of Isaac and Jane of High Broad Leys, Haile. He was baptised 26 July 1750 at St. Bridget and married Anne Cook on 4 September 1770 at St. John Beckermet. Clement took over his father’s tenancy of the farm at Croasdale with the flock of sheep on this estate. Clement and Anne had the following children:-

HANNAH Born at Croasdale and baptised 2 June 1771 at Ennerdale. Married William Rothery on 18 June 1798 at Haile and probably had three sons. They were living at High Broad Leys when Henry was baptised on 14 August 1798 at Haile, presumably with her grandparents.

RUTH Born at Croasdale and baptised 29 November 1772 at Ennerdale. Had two children, Mary and Joseph by Joseph Jackson to whom she was not married but this is acknowledged in the baptism registers at Ennerdale.

ANN Born at Croasdale and baptised 29 November at Ennerdale. Married 8 October 1803 at Ennerdale to William Bell.

ISAAC Born at Croasdale and baptised 25 April 1777 at Ennerdale.   Married 13 November 1802 at Arlecdon to Jane Atkinson and had eleven children though some died young.   Isaac was a yeoman at Preston Hows, St. Bees parish, Whitehaven.   He died there in October 1824 and was buried at Ennerdale on 22nd.   Jane died in January 1834 at Preston Hows and was buried at St. Bees.   Their two youngest children were baptised at Whitehaven Holy Trinity, Frances on 14 December 1817 and Joseph on 16 May 1824 just a few months before his father died.  Frances married Andrew Patterson on 3 September 1842 at St. Bees, her brother Joseph being one of the witnesses.  Frances and Andrew are ancestors of Andrew Hilton.   Isaac and Jane's son John, born 1804, became a Coal Miner in Whitehaven.  He married Mary Little on 8 October 1827 at Whitehaven Holy Trinity.   John and Mary are ancestors of Adele Zagorski.   Isaac and Jane's eldest son Clement, born 1803 became another Coal Miner who married Jane Dixon in 1824 at Whitehaven St. James.   Their son John born c. 1831 and Ann Kennedy from an Isle of Man family who married in 1853 became ancestors of Helen Tomsen.  

CLEMENT Born at Croasdale and baptised 17 October 1778 at Ennerdale. He married Mary Scott 15 March 1801 at Whitehaven St. James and they had about nine children in Ennerdale, Dean and Workington.  Sadly, about six of them died young or in early adulthood.   Clement appears to have been living at Preston Hows in 1816 when he was declared bankrupt. This was just after he was acting as agent for letting the tenancy at Croasdale. Preston Hows was apparently recently occupied by his brother John. His son, Henry, born 1810, married Faith Burnyeat on 11 November 1841 at Loweswater and had four children. Henry farmed at Deanscales and left considerable property amongst his children.  Barry Wilkinson is a descendant of Henry and Faith's daughter Mary Ann who married Isaac Wilkinson in 1877.

WILLIAM Born at Croasdale and baptised 6 December 1780 at Ennerdale. He was a weaver at Croasdale. Married to Elizabeth with one child, JOSEPH, baptised 25 January 1804 at Ennerdale. Elizabeth died in July 1807 at Croasdale and was buried at Ennerdale.  William moved to Jamaica after his wife Elizabeth’s death and became a plantation overseer. He married again or had a liaison which resulted in three children, Henry, Michael and Ann.    He died in 1844 and the residue of his estate was divided equally between his four children.    See further below.

(From previous information it appeared that William was the one reported in "The Paquet" of Ennerdale dying in Whitehaven Workhouse 1 July 1858 aged 79. However, this death must belong to another William of Ennerdale as yet unidentified.)

JOHN Born at Croasdale and baptised 19 October 1783 at Ennerdale.  Married to Mary Little 12 June 1813 at St. Bees and had eleven children. John continued farming at Croasdale. He was buried at Ennerdale on 22 June 1855. Mary was buried there 13 March 1868. John left his property between two of his sons, William and John. William died three years after his father, apparently unmarried. The son JOHN was probably first married to Elizabeth Robinson of Stainburn but by 1881 had retired to Distington where he married again to Ann Salkeld, herself of a mature age but without any issue. 

John and Mary's eighth child, CLEMENT moved to Whitehaven where he worked as a Cooper.   He married Elizabeth Moore and they are ancestors of Jacqueline Bardsley.   John and Mary's youngest son, JOSEPH born 1838 Ennerdale, became Master of the Brig "Ann Middleton" of Whitehaven.   He died at sea when the brig was presumed foundered after leaving Sicily on 29 January 1869. *    He had married Elizabeth Stockdale and left one surviving son, Joseph Stockdale Mossop.  These are the ancestors of Michele Mossop.   * Some Preston & Quarter Cemetery, Whitehaven gravestone transcriptions give the year as 1889 .  However they also give his age as 30 which would make the foundering 1869 thereby accounting for the fact that his wife Elizabeth is given as a widow on all census from 1871.   Thanks to Neil Garth Wainwright for pointing out this discrepancy and Tim Latham of "Mighty Seas" website for confirming the correct date.

HENRY Born at Croasdale and baptised 26 September 1791 at Ennerdale. Took Holy Orders and was ordained at Chester on 18 September 1814 before which he had resided at a school in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Became vicar of Ennerdale but had only officiated on four Sundays when he was seized by a sickness and died on 8 January 1815. He was buried at Ennerdale.


Joseph was the only son of William, weaver at Croasdale, and his wife Elizabeth. He was baptised 25 January 1804 at Ennerdale, his mother dying when he was aged three.

His father emigrated to Jamaica shortly after his wife's death, where he eventually became a Plantation Manager, leaving Joseph in Cumberland with relatives.

According to correspondence, Joseph enquired in 1828 about the possibility of joining his father in Jamaica. Whilst the reply was couched in affectionate terms and Joseph was told he would be more than welcome, he was advised that it was not a suitable place at that time for a young married couple and that if Joseph intended marrying, as was in his mind, it would be better for him to remain in Cumberland.  It was regretted on both sides that father and son never met again.   William had meanwhile contracted a marriage or relationship with a Jamaican lady by whom he had three children, Henry, Michael and Ann.  They were obviously well educated as Henry wrote to his half-brother Joseph, after their father's death, assuring him that his father remembered and had always spoken very highly of him.

Joseph married Eleanor (Nelly) Robinson on 1 August 1829 at Drigg and farmed at Drigg and Irton. They had seven children.  Joseph died in March 1882 at Poles Inn, Holmrook, Cumberland and was buried at Irton on 3rd.   Eleanor predeceased him and was buried as Ellen Mossop of Irton School House, at Irton 21 October 1879 aged 77.

The children of Joseph and Eleanor (Robinson) were:-

WILLIAM baptised 13 December 1829 at Arlecdon (Eleanor’s birthplace). Married 14 November 1855 at Irton to Ann Tyson. Children, John 1856, Joseph 1857, Eleanor 1859. Ann died in November 1859 presumably at or after the birth of Eleanor. William was buried 25 April 1865 at Irton aged 35.   On 1861 census all three children were living with their grandparents Joseph and Eleanor Mossop at Tile Cottage, Irton whilst their widowed father William was living nearby at Londonhead with his late wife's sister and her husband, Frances and John Taylor.   Subsequently it appears that John Mossop went to work as a Farm Labourer first at Kiskin in Bootle, Cumberland and then at Anyon Farm, Ellel in Lancashire before marrying Eleanor Davis in 1883.  He became an Iron Ore Miner in Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire where his sister already lived.    They had seven children of whom three died successively in infancy.   John and Eleanor are ancestors of Farrell Mossop and Mark Mossop.  Joseph went to Londonhead, Irton to live with his aunt and uncle, learning the trade of a Stone Mason from his uncle John Taylor, a Master Builder.   He was still unmarried in 1901 when he was living with his widowed sister Eleanor Raven in Dalton.   Eleanor had married an Iron Ore Miner, Richard Backhouse Raven in 1877.   They lived in Dalton-in-Furness though with an unfortunate start to their married life, Richard was a prisoner in Lancaster Gaol on the 1881 census though he subsequently returned to Dalton where they had six children.

HANNAH baptised 31 May 1831 at Drigg. Married John Rodgers 17 January 1852 at Eskdale.   Eight children.

JOSEPH baptised 2 March 1834 at Irton. Married Johanna A. Smith. Children, Henry 1863, Isabella 1864, Eleanor 1866, William 1868. By 1863 Joseph and family had moved to Mosborough, Yorkshire. In 1881 he was a Domestic Gardener at Scott Hill, West Clayton, Yorks.

ELIZABETH born Cubban, Irton and baptised 31 July 1836.  She moved to Flimby where she had about nine children amongst them James. James married on 10 May 1890 at St. Nicholas, Flimby to Ann Barker. They had two children, one of whom was Stephen Barker Mossop who married Margaret May Marshall in Blackpool, Lancs. They were grandparents of Marshall Mossop.    The line of Elizabeth's son Thomas is being researched by Iris Reily.

HENRY baptised 10 March 1839 at Irton. Died Dec 1858 at Tile Cottage, Irton Moor aged 19 and buried at Irton on 20 December.

ANN baptised 7 November 1841 at Irton.  Died 11 September 1851.

JOHN born c. 1846 at Irton. Married 8 May 1869 at Drigg to Eleanor (Ellen) Thompson who had been born in Scotland.   They lived at Wray Head, Drigg.   He worked as a Railway Porter and they had the following children:

    MARY  was born at Jack Trees, Cleator Moor 18 April 1869 but registered on 29 May as Mary Thompson by which time her mother Eleanor had married John Mossop.  She was baptised 13 June 1869 at Drigg again under her mother's maiden surname of Thompson but was subsequently known as Mary Mossop.   Mary had two illegitimate children  WILLIAM HENRY born 27 February 1887 in Broughton, Lancs or 1888 in Liverpool, according to various records, though his birth registration has not been found.   William Henry's subsequent life is well documented, joining the Royal Navy with several round the world voyages and service aboard HMS Cyclops during which time the ship was torpedoed, luckily with all hands saved.   He is the ancestor of Paul Bosdet.

    MARY then had a daughter ELSIE ELIZABETH born 26 Feb 1891 and on that year's census Mary and her two children are living in Bootle Workhouse, Cumberland.

    Mary married THOMAS RAVEN 8 May 1893 at St. Catherine's Eskdale.   They had two children Jane and Thomas after which Thomas senior died in a horrific cart accident in August 1898 whilst Mary was pregnant with their daughter Ellen born May the following year.   Sadly Ellen died aged 8 months.   JANE RAVEN married James Crowther in 1916 and they are ancestors of Beverley Williams.

    Mary then married THOMAS FOX, a widower with several children of his own, in August 1901.   They went on to have a further eight or nine children.  Mary therefore had thirteen or fourteen children from her three relationships.

    HANNAH was born 1870 at Drigg.   She had a son JOHN born 27 February 1889 at Drigg.   He appears to have shared a birthdate with his cousin William Henry though born a year or so later.    Hannah married Alexander Ferguson 10 December 1892 at Gosforth, Cumberland.    They had two sons, James and William Henry Ferguson.    John Mossop was living with his mother and grandparents at Wray Head, Drigg on 1891 census but has not been found on 1901 census though a later photograph of him as an adult was taken in Manchester.

    ELIZABETH baptised 27 August 1871 Drigg, married William Dodgson Mossop 26 December 1891 at Drigg. 3 children, Abigail 1892, John 1893 and Joseph 1897.  William came from an unconnected branch of the Mossops.

    WILLIAM HENRY baptised 22 September 1872 at Drigg.  He died rather suddenly, recorded as a "Visitation of God" though according to the Coroner from natural causes on 7 May 1880.    This must have come as a terrible shock to the family and probably accounts for his name being repeated in children of his sisters Mary and Hannah.

JOHN MOSSOP died at Wray Head, Drigg 27 January 1873 of Gastric Fever and Typhoid, aged only 27 and was buried at Irton.   His widow Eleanor was married to Benjamin Brocklebank, a tailor, on 14 October 1879 at Broughton-in-Furness Register Office.   They had five children, Margaret, Agnes, Isabel, Jane and Henry Brocklebank.   Henry Brocklebank was the grandfather of Patricia Clews.


This ends my evaluation so far of the descendants of William Moscrop of Prior Scales though not all, by any means, are recorded down to the present day.   Please feel free to E-Mail me with any further information or observations as my only aim is to get the Mossop story as accurate as possible and your information is valuable.

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