Apart from the descendants of William Mossop of Prior Scales there are several as yet unconnected major Mossop branches.   The main ones are these.

IRTON:  From the late 17th century there has been a distinct branch originating in Irton and descended from Lancelot, which name is well favoured by this branch.    Lancelot's son Joseph was a Mariner.  Joseph died in 1806 at Quay House, Ravenglass and his grave at Irton depicts a hand holding a ship's boarding axe.  Joseph's son Lancelot served on H.M.S. Iris and married his wife at Alverstoke, Portsmouth.   Other descendants of this branch were Saddlers and Benjamin became another favoured name.

BLACKBECK:  Nicholas Mossop lived in this hamlet between St. John Beckermet and Haile in the late 17th century.   The family had a butchery and tannery business which continued down the family for several generations.  

DENTON HILL, GOSFORTH:  Thomas Mossop of Denton Hill married Isabella Jackson 24 January 1759 at Gosforth.   Thomas was born about 1734-1738 but so far it has proved impossible to determine which family he came from although from his will he was a prosperous yeoman.   Thomas and Isabella had about twelve children.    Of these

ISAAC born 1762 married Frances Pearson.   They had two sons, William born 1794 at Whitbeck and John born 1797 at St. Bees.   JOHN, was educated at Hawkshead Grammar School and St. John's College, Cambridge.  He became a Rector in Lincolnshire and was the author of "British Land Birds in Verse and Prose". WILLIAM, married Ann Shephard 1817 at Muncaster.  He became became a Shopkeeper, Insurance Agent and also Registrar and Relieving Officer at Ravenglass.  They had eleven children.   Of these, ISAAC born 1824 moved to London, married and had six children.   HENRY born 1830 married Jane Sharpe and had nine children.  Henry, became proprietor of Henry Mossop & Co., Butcher, Draper & Grocer of Ravenglass.   JOHN born 1834 married Martha Sewell.   They had ten children and lived at Everton, Liverpool where John was a miller.   John and Martha are ancestors of Gaenor Bedford.

ISABELLA born 1767 MARRIED William Noble whom her father Thomas appointed sole executor of his will.   They are ancestors of Myra Mallaby.

HENRY born 1768 became a Ship's Captain and Shipowner.  He was Master of several Whitehaven vessels.   He married Mary Drape and had four daughters of whom the eldest, Isabella, married Dr. Thomas Mitchell of Whitehaven.   Their descendants are being researched by Peter Rossiter.

CHARLES born 1772 was living in London in 1808.

PETER born 1774  became a Bacon Curer and Flour Dealer at Gosforth.   He was also a Shipowner and one of the signatories for the proposed enlargement of Whitehaven Harbour in 1822 along with his brother Captain Henry Mossop.

WILLIAM born 1780 married Hannah Burnyeat.   One of their sons, William, also became a Master Mariner though in latter days a Pawnbroker in Liverpool.

WINDSOR, NETHER WASDALE:  Henry Mossop, 1721-1776, came from another Gosforth family.  He farmed Windsor at Nether Wasdale and was a Chapel Warden.   His son Henry and descendants succeeded him there.    Henry's senior's youngest son, Matthew, obliquely gives rise to another main group.

JANE HODGSON of ENNERDALE and NETHER WASDALE:  Henry of Windsor's son Matthew, born 1776, married Jane 20 February 1799 at Gosforth.   Their daughter Betty was baptised 8 June 1799 at Ennerdale and Matthew died at Little Ground in Ennerdale the following month and was buried at Nether Wasdale on 23 July.

Jane subsequently had three illegitimate sons, WILLIAM 1803, JOHN 1806 and ISAAC 1808 to whom she gave her married surname.   Nothing more is known of John nor of Jane's legitimate daughter Betty.    WILLIAM however, had several descendants around Eskdale, Hensingham and Moor Row, Egremont.    ISAAC similarly had numerous descendants, many of whom followed Railway occupations in Egremont.   Several of these were very musically talented.

The late Mike Mossop of USA was a descendant of ISAAC.   Alan Mossop of St. Bees and Neil Stevenson are descendants of WILLIAM.    See Alan's website www.mossop.info

CARTMEL and GRANGE-OVER-SANDS:  Thomas Mossop, Yeoman of Grange, Cartmel married Ann Borrow 1761 at Cartmel.    Thomas' origins are not known.   They had about ten children of whom George born 1773 became a Hoop Manufacturer and farmer in the district.   George's son William, born 1809 carried on the Hoop Making business.   He married Margaret Gibson in 1837 and had six children.   Two sons, William and John, had a Grocer's and Baker's shop in Grange-over-Sands with another brother, Robert, assisting.   Another son, Thomas, became a Representative for Bibby's Grain Merchants in Ireland.   Thomas is an ancestor of Debbie Knight.

SEASCALE AND LINCOLNSHIRE:  This Gosforth family traces its origins back to the early 16th century.   A descendant, William of Bankhouse, lived from 1571 to 1638.   He had a son, Clement, 1601-1655 and I believe without tangible proof that William of Prior Scales died 1685 was another son as a William of St. Bridget Beckermet was an administrator of Clement's will and that Christian name was current in both branches.

Be that as it may, Clement had a son John, c. 1642-1699 who lived at Seascale and was married to Janet Bibby (or variations on that name).   They continued the name Clement in one of their children but subsequently it was dropped from this branch and the name Matthew introduced which continued down almost to the present days in the Seascale family.   This branch is of interest to Nev Ramsden in a local history context.

John and Janet's son Matthew, 1681-1746, of Wholehouse, Seascale, married Esther Hunter in 1710 at Drigg.  Their only surviving son, John, 1712-1791 married Ann Vicars in 1743 at Haile.   Of John and Ann's five surviving children, Matthew 1745-1808 continued the Seascale line when he married Elizabeth Jackson in 1780 at Whitehaven St. Nicholas and had nine children.   Another son Henry, 1748-1821, became Vicar of Cleator for over forty years.

John and Ann's son John, 1753-1834 became a Lincolnshire Clergyman and so founded the extensive branch which developed in that county.    Rev. John became Vicar of Langtoft and Baston as well as Perpetual Curate of Deeping St. James.   He married Ann Berridge on 30 April 1787 at Deeping St. James after which they had about fifteen children.   This is the line of John Woodcock and Johanna Cox who descend from their 13th child Benjamin Addenbroke Mossop.

This branch adhered to the professions mainly in the Law, Church and Medicine but others took to the Land. S.A. Mossop (Farms) Ltd. is still a considerable enterprise in the Louth area whilst the legal firm of Mossop & Bowser is active in Holbeach and Long Sutton.   

Dr. A. G. Mossop, 1863-1937, who carried out extensive family research was a descendant of this line.   Dr. Mossop applied for and was granted a Mossop Coat of Arms in 1918 for descendants of his father, Robert Peele Mossop.   See Marshall Mossop's website www.mossopm.freeserve.co.uk/origincrest.htm

Of Rev. John Mossop and Ann's children, the youngest, Robert, 1805-1882, married Mary Elizabeth Peele, daughter of a local landowner.    They had about eighteen children and appeared from family documents to be a close knit and loving family.   Robert subsequently became Lord of the Manors of Gedney, Welby, Gedney Burlion, Sutton Granock, Waterbeach (Cambs), Huntingfield, Lithington (Cambs), Waltham Hall (Essex) E. & W. Deeping (Lincs).

Members of this family remained in the Lincolnshire area but also spread out to other locations.   None, however, appear to have returned to their Cumberland roots.

Much more information and photographs of associated Lincolnshire churches can be found on the page "Lincolnshire Mossops".

STAFFORDSHIRE:  Maurice Mossop came to Eccleshall, Staffordshire with his wife Mary and three sons, Thomas, Maurice and Edward, between about 1847 when their youngest son was born and the 1851 census which shows them all as born in Old Head, County Mayo, Ireland.   Maurice is a unique name amongst the Mossop families and it is not known how far their antecedents go back in Ireland or whether that was just a staging post from another location.    Maurice and Mary were both born there c. 1801/2.   The family were Catholic so it is not likely that they descended, except through marriage, from any Protestant Mossop family in that country.

Maurice worked as a Gardener and Labourer as well as being a Licensed Lodging House Keeper in 1861.  Their middle son, Maurice, born c. 1841 does not appear on records after 1851 census and as no death registration has been found for him, it is presumed that he went to live abroad.   

Thomas married a widow Sarah Barber, nee Allen, in 1864 in Runcorn registration district, Cheshire.   They had about eight children, the earlier being born in Lancashire and the later ones in Eccleshall where Thomas worked as a Stone Mason.   A daughter, Mary, became Headmistress of a Catholic school in Huyton, Liverpool.

Edward married Ellen Hall on 5 April 1869 at the Chapel of St. Modwen, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.   They must have gone abroad shortly afterwards as their first three children were born in Jersey City, USA.  They had returned by 1878 in time for the birth of Maurice, registered as Morris, and had a further eight children.   Edward became a Builder.  

Edward and Ellen's son Edward Percy, born 1881 at Eccleshall, was an ancestor of Jacqueline Pillar.

Their son William Augustine born 1884 at Eccleshall, was an ancestor of Duncan Honeybourne.   Having married and had one daughter, William was sadly killed in 1917 in Belgium whilst serving in WWI.

IRELAND:   Apart from the family above, a few Mossops appear from time to time with an Irish birthplace.   These may descend originally from English families who were there in respect of military duties, ecclesiastical affairs or trade.   Rev. John Mossop, M.A., reputedly a famous mathematican, was Rector of Dunmore, Galway in the early to mid 1700s.    His son was HENRY MOSSOP c. 1727-1773 the Drury Lane Actor.    A very few more Mossops born Ireland appear on the English census.    Because of the lack of Irish records, many lost to fire, I have not been able to make any coherent study of where the various families originated.

As is seen on the section on William Mossop of Prior Scales, Cumberland, three of the sons of Clement Mossop and Ann Mossop who married 1784 in Gosforth, Cumberland went to live in Ireland in the early 19th century when their sisters Eleanor and Mary married businessmen of Limerick.    Therefore they were relative newcomers and not Irish by extraction.


If you cannot find a clue to your Mossop ancestry or require further information then please contact either myself or Marshall Mossop.    We have others on file apart from those mentioned above.